Greek Myths & Metaphysics

Gaia in Greek Mythology

If you’ll be in the Providence, RI area this evening, I’ll be teaching a class called “Greek Myths & Metaphysics” at a great shop in East Greenwich called Ascension NXT.

Greek Myths are woven throughout our culture’s philosophy, arts, and entertainment, and they also feature heavily in many major metaphysical systems, such as Astrology and Tarot…but unfortunately, not everyone is super-familiar with the source material!

This two-part class (second session falls on Oct. 7th) is aimed at providing a helpful summary of the Greeks’ cosmological timeline of events, plus profiles of the major Greek Deities, with some emphasis on tying the original mythic figures and stories to the modern-day symbols that refer back to them.

For example, if you know more about Hades, the Greek God of the Underworld, then you’ll automatically have some grasp on the meanings of the Planet in Astrology and the card in Tarot that are most heavily associated with him.

You can make your reservations for the class if you CLICK HERE. Class starts at 7pm – me and the Olympians hope to see you there tonight!

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