By Jessica Lee…

One of the first things that I started to do when I “woke” up, was study numerology. Numerology is the study of numbers and the meanings behind them. Each number has its own personality, meaning, and significance. The study of anything that can shape the personality has always been pretty fascinating to me.

Numerology can help us understand our Soul’s destiny and our Soul purpose, what the main themes are in this lifetime, and what karma we need to clear out. These answers can be found in our numbers. They are not random – they are selected for us, by our own Souls prior to incarnating, so we embody the energies we need to embody in order to learn the lessons we came here to learn.

The numbers 1-9 are the foundational numbers of Numerology. You can break down anything into a number from 1-9. Your birthday, social security number, name, phone number. street address number, license plate number…

Once I learned what numbers were significant to me, I started seeing them everywhere! You will too. The Universe likes to speak to us by using numbers because they are all around us all the time. Being aware of what numbers you are constantly seeing, and then knowing the significance of them is a fun way to realize that the Universe and our guides are everywhere and have our backs.

Be on the lookout for what time you keep seeing as well as license plates. I feel like license plates are always talking to me!

How to break down your birthday :

All you have to do is add up all of the digits in your birthday.

If your birthday is 10/11/1983, you just add 1+0+1+1+1+9+8+3= 24 → 2+4 = 6

We also each have a personal year number, and the Universe has its own number as well! This year, 2017, is a 1 year, (2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1) and boy, are we feeling it big time.

My personal year number is 1 as well, so I am very connected to the Universe and the energies of the collective.

To calculate your own personal year number, just add up your birthday…but instead of your birth year, replace it with the year we are in now:

Example :

Your birthday is 10/11/1983 and the year is 2017, add 1+0+1+1+2+0+1+7 = 13 → 1+3 = 4.

Your personal year is 4, and your year will reflect the energies of that number, 4.

A great tool that I use to see what energies the numbers have is a book by Dan Millman called The Life You Were Born To Live. I highly recommend it. He uses your whole birth number (the above example would be 24/6, taking into consideration the energies of the 2 and the 4, rather than just the 6, although the number 6 is the dominant energy), and breaks down what your life path is, what key issues you may come across, and what your potential is in this lifetime. He also has a great write up for each life path number, which can be helpful in understanding yourself and others a little better.

For the purposes of this blog, I will just break down the energies of the single digit numbers…


Number 1: Ambition, creativity, beginnings.

People who have a 1 life path number are great at starting new projects and are extremely creative and ambitious. They have that fire energy that can ignite passion and motivation. They have to be careful of being too dominant or pushy, especially in creative or business endeavors.

If Number 1 is your personal year: You can expect big changes. You may have already been prepped for these significant changes since last year – your 9 year – was full of letting go of what was not serving you, and what your Soul did not want you to bring into this year of new beginnings. You may be starting a new job, entering into a new relationship, starting a new business or hobby, moving into a new house, etc. You may also feel the need to learn something new. Learning Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology, or going back to school to learn about something that has always interested you, will be a great way to usher in this new cycle. This is a year of focusing on your dreams and becoming the person you were meant to be!

Number 2: Balance, cooperation, support.

Those working with this number succeed when acting within a partnership. They want to support others and like to be supported as well. They want to see people working in harmony. They love to be in relationships, and they excel at it, as well. They know that working together as a team can produce some pretty great work. They would do well in any service-oriented position, as well as working in a group or a team. Number 2 people do have to be careful of being too co-dependent, and also of giving too much without receiving, as they can become resentful if they feel as though their helpfulness is being taken advantage of.

If Number 2 is your personal year:

This may be a good year to enter into a new relationship or settle down into a partnership on a more permanent level, like an engagement or marriage. Your relationships will be a big part of this year. This may also be a year for you in which to slow down on the work front and focus just on yourself, and on paying more attention to your partnerships. You may feel that this year is a slow year in terms of getting things accomplished, but everything happens for a reason. The previous years have been full of change and new beginnings, so having time to slow down and focus your energy outward will be a nice change of pace.

Number 3: Expression, emotions, sensitivity, creativity.

Number 3 people are the communicators: they need to speak up for what they believe in and express their thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. They love being social and meeting new people, and they are natural writers, speakers, and teachers. They can be very connected to their emotions, and their words will show that, so working as a counselor, healer, or coach are good jobs for those dominant in the 3 energy. Those working this number do have to be cautious of having too much self-doubt and over-analyzing everything that comes out of their mouths. Low self-esteem can be a factor with those working the 3 energy.

If Number 3 is your personal year:

You may do a lot of socializing this year. You can expect to meet new people who could help you in any creative endeavors that you want to focus on. You may come across lessons that will help you grow in the ways in which you express yourself. If you have trouble expressing yourself in a constructive way, this is a good year to work on that. Be open and honest with yourself and what brings you happiness, and that will show in the ways that you express yourself with others.

Number 4: Productivity, stability, foundation.

Those working the 4 energy are most likely the foundations of their families. They are strong, capable, and focused. They are the ones that you can always rely on. They are disciplined and know that hard work will manifest into a stable and secure life. They may tend to be a little boring and too focused on work, so it’s important for those working this life path number to balance work and play.

If Number 4 is your personal year:

This year you are building your foundation. You may be putting extra hours in at work or working a second job. You are saving for the future, so your foundation is strong so that you can build upon it. This year may not be a good time to waste money foolishly or to spend too much. Saving and working hard are the main themes. You are productive and focused this year. It may be a boring year, but the rewards will pay off if you work hard and focus.

Number 5: Experience, freedom, Fun

5 people need to be able to experience freedom and exploration in their lives. In being able to have this, they need to make sure that their foundations are in place, and they have the independence to explore their inner and outer worlds. With discipline and hard work, they can have the freedom they’ve always desired. They want to seek out adventures and explore different places. Being stuck in one place for too long can get boring for these people. They love to travel, read, watch movies… They want to experience all that life has to offer, but they know that being independent comes with some sacrifice, so they are okay with putting in the hard work to get there. They are the “work hard, play hard” types. 5’s tend to get bored easily.

They need things to be exciting so they can sometimes cause drama just to shake things up a bit. 5’s have a lot of Sagittarian energy. They can also over-indulge and not take life too seriously, so maintaining discipline is essential for 5’s!

If Number 5 is your personal year:

You may be doing a lot of traveling this year. If you’re not traveling to a new physical location, you may want to look into astral travel and transcendental meditation. Last year (a 4 year) was a hard year, working on building your foundation, so this year, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor by having the freedom to do something that you want to do. Treat yourself this year to whatever it is you have been putting off. Travel to an exotic location, read more, take in life’s little pleasures. A change of scenery will be needed.

Number 6: Vision, acceptance, idealism

Those who are dominant in the 6 energy are the visionaries and perfectionists. They can see the bigger picture in everything. They also can be very compassionate, forgiving, and nurturing. Virgo energy is associated with the 6, as it’s the 6th sign of the Zodiac.

They appreciate beauty, art, fashion, and design. They know what looks good. They can be perfectionists, so trying to please them may be a bit difficult, as they know exactly what they want and how they want it. They have to work on not being so judgmental and being forgiving to others. Because they can be very critical of themselves, they may project that criticism onto others close to them.

If Number 6 is your personal year:

This year can be a good year to get married or start a family. Home and family is a big theme, and that is where the majority of your attention should be placed. If you are single, this may be a year that you meet “the one.” Family responsibly and issues will be big for you this year, so you may be called to do some work on the home front with your immediate family or your extended family. You may also feel like you want to do some redecorating of your home to make it more comfortable and inviting. This year’s theme is family and nurturing those around you.

Number 7: Wisdom, truth, knowledge, spirituality

Those whose life path number is 7 are here to explore their inner worlds and find truth and wisdom from inside themselves. They are the teachers and the spiritual advisors. They are independent and really need their own time to process things in their lives. Meditation is something that 7’s should do on a consistent basis. They have this inner light that shines bright on the inside, and their journey through life is to allow that light to shine outwards for others to see. They remind me of the Hermit card. They can be the way-showers and the light-workers. They may struggle with being true to themselves and others being truthful to them. They can sometimes second-guess themselves and not trust in their intuition.

If Number 7 is your personal year:

This year is the perfect year to explore the spiritual side of yourself. Learn how to meditate and really explore your inside world. Going within can bring lots of answers to life’s questions. This is a year of trusting yourself and learning how to increase your intuition. Your faith may be tested this year, but if you know to seek the answers from within, you will be able to get over any hurdle. Energy-work such as Reiki or Ilahinoor should be sought after in this year, as you will get a lot out of these modalities. Therapy and Soul-coaching as well will help you move upwards in your spiritual development.

Number 8: Power, leadership, influence

This is my favorite number by far. 8’s are born leaders and have the energy of abundance and power – IF they harness their energy in positive ways. They have the ability to manifest abundance on a very large scale, not just for themselves but for those around them as well. They are powerful leaders and can influence just about anyone. If they work with their power in the positive, they are able to lead and gain respect while being handsomely rewarded for it. In the negative, they can be power-hungry, greedy, and demanding, or they can be those who have a negative belief when it comes to wealth. They see money as the root of all evil. While money does have a negative energy about it now, since we live in a country that is beyond greedy and corrupt, money is just another form of energy, and 8’s have the power to harness this energy.

If Number 8 is your personal year number:

This year you are going to be focusing on building your wealth and empowering yourself. Your focus could be all about your finances, building your wealth as well as asserting yourself as a leader. You may get a raise or a bonus this year, or you could be dealt a blow by losing some funds – it all depends on the seeds you had sown in the past years. You will be tested to assert yourself and understand the power that you have. This year may fly by because you will be extra busy!

Number 9: Spiritual Integrity, wisdom, humanitarianism

This is a very strong number to embody. This number contains the energies of all of the other numbers. Number 9 people are very compassionate, ambitious, kind, and are true humanitarians. They want to seek out the answers to spiritual questions that they may have had all their lives. They are the old and wise souls that have the feelings that they have been incarnated many, many times before. They may have a tendency to always look at the past rather than living in the present. Acknowledging the past and overcoming any issues is especially healing for 9’s.

If Number 9 is your personal year:

This is a year of BIG, BIG changes. I know this because I just left my 9 year in 2016 and boy, was it a crazy year. I left a horrible job and an even more horrible relationship, I met someone new, I moved twice, bought my first home, lost a ton of friends, met the love of my life, rescued my two baby girls, got a new car..on and on. This year is about making life-changing decisions and clearing out the old so that the new can enter your life in the next years to come. You will feel some sense of urgency this year. Energetically, your Soul understands that there is an end, and you need to be prepared for a new beginning. The cycle is ending this year, and you are assessing what can come with you on your journey through the next 9 years. Spirituality will be a big theme for you as well! Remember to relax as much as you can, as this year will be crazy, but you can plant the seeds for anything that you want in the future…so plant wisely!

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