Explaining the Name “Arrow In Flight”

Arrow In Flight - Astrology Tarot Runes Reiki Metaphysics

By Steven Seinberg…

Every once in a while – although to be fair, not all that often – but every once in a while, somebody will ask me what “Arrow In Flight” means.

And then of that relatively small group of people, most of them will assume it has something to do with Sagittarius, what with the Astrology interest here, and then the Sign of the Archer, and all…

But Arrow In Flight has nothing to do with Sagittarius. I don’t have a single Planet in Sagittarius in my chart.

The AIF name actually happened during this time when I was taking archery. It wasn’t an all-consuming passion or anything – I was just doing it for fun once a week with rented equipment – but I really enjoyed it. It made me feel all Zen afterwards.

But then archer imagery started popping up a lot for me during that same period. This happened on both the personal level (= manifestations in dreams, and around me in the waking world, of Artemis, Apollo, Philoctetes [look him up, it’s interesting], Neith, Skadi)…and out on the societal level (“Hunger Games,” and this show called “Arrow” about an archer-vigilante both became really big draws at around this same time…).

Arrow In Flight - Astrology Tarot Runes Reiki Metaphysics


So during this period, I did a few meditations in which I envisioned myself pulling back on a bow with pretty solid form and technique…and then I’d shoot an arrow made of pure energy into a target that was, instead of a bullseye, a regulation target-sized replica of my birth-chart, just kind of floating in the air. The goal was to use that energy-arrow to light up specific features of my chart, such as a lackluster House that needed a jumpstart, or an Aspect that’d be capable of great things if only it wasn’t feeling so anemic of late… These actually turned out to be some pretty great meditations!

And then one day not long after engaging in one of these archer-themed meditations, it occurred to me that as we lifeforms walk the Earth, we are, each of us, like arrows in flight:

After it’s released from the bow, fired into the world, the arrow flies until it either hits something physical that arrests its flight (like a wall, say, or a dump-truck – whatever substantial thing is blocking the arrow’s path)…or until it spends all of its kinetic force, and comes to ground.

It seemed like a terrific analogy to me: our eventual Death is the “physical barrier” part or the “exhaustion of kinetic energy” part…while our bright but finite Life is the “arrow in flight” part.

Arrow In Flight! For as long as we’re here and pulling breath, each of us is an Arrow In Flight…

Plus, the name and URL were astonishingly still available when I checked – and that was without adding in numbers or weird forced punctuation (→ “bockwurstHotel99.44%.com”). I probably don’t need to tell any of you that when a biz name and URL are still available like that in this day and overcrowded Digital Age we live in, you can always take that as A SIGN OF SOMETHING.

So there you have it:

Arrow In Flight.

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  1. Steve,

    Start putting a “tm” or “TM” next to Arrow in Flight from now on. That will strengthen your rights to a trademark on AIF. I would place either the tm or TM to the upper right of the AIF phrase, as a superscript, for example, Arrow in Flight™. On a Mac, you can make the TM symbol by pressing the Option key and the 2 key together. After we file and get a registered trademark on the phrase, you can use ® (that’s the Option and r keys to show the trademark status and drop the TM.




  2. Thanks for sharing this. Not often do I smile while reading the entire post however this time a smile never left my face. Thanks for sharing this journey of yours

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