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Discover your Soul’s unique profile! 

The first step to transformation and healing starts with self-knowledge. When you know who you are on a Soul level, beyond any negative programming and ego, you will be able to express your innate Divine gifts and traits. You’ll have the information needed to reconnect with your Soul so you can attract abundance and move towards a fulfilling life – the way your Soul always intended you to.

We are all Souls having a human experience, and it’s important to understand how we operate and what energies we resonate with so we can express ourselves in a Divine way.

A Soul Blueprint reading is a map to bring you closer to your Soul – once you form that relationship, there is no going back.

  • The energetic qualities of your Soul – There are 8 energy centers on the Soul’s vibrational spectrum. These are the qualities that your Soul is literally made up of and we each have 1 center that we resonate with the most.
    By knowing your energy center, we will uncover what your Divine gifts and talents are so you can manifest abundance!
  • Soul Origination  –  Which star system did your Soul incarnate into for the first time? Are you a star traveler or did you originate in our own Solar System? You will find out what star system you originated from and what qualities and traits of your originating planet are present in your Soul Blueprint.
    This information will give you great insight as to what type of work you were meant to do! 
  • Soul Vibration Rate – Measuring your Soul’s vibration rate lets you know how self-aware you are as a spiritual being. You will know where you are at in your spiritual development.
    Are you identified with your Higher Self or with your ego? 
  • Period of History your Soul expressed itself positively – You will find out what period of time acts as a continued positive influence in your life today. Have you always been drawn to a particular period of time and you never knew why? It is because your Soul was happy and fulfilled in that particular lifetime(s) and wants to remember to bring in those feelings of happiness and positivity. 
    We will uncover periods that maybe you weren’t aware of.  Researching and becoming familiar with that time period will be very healing and comforting. 
  • Mystery Schools – This is my favorite part of the reading. What religions or school of thought provided your Soul with the most positive influence?   You may already have a relationship with these philosophies or you may be called to research and study the one your Soul feels the most connected to.  All Mystery schools teach the same thing – Divine Truth, Love and Wisdom. That is the message in all religions.
    What philosophy are you most connected with? We will uncover the one that is meant for you. 
  • Spirit Guides – How many Spirit guides do you have? Every Soul has a team with them at all times to guide and direct our lives down here on Earth. Being incarnated on Earth is difficult, so we need help from the Spiritual realm. We are all born with 1 Spirit guide and accumulate Guides throughout our lives, especially during childhood and our teen years, when we need as much guidance as possible.
    Knowing how many guides are on your team can help you to start uncovering who they are and what purpose they play in your life.  Meditation is a great way to start connecting as well as being aware of synchronicities in your life.

Soul Blueprint Readings provide you with a complete Soul Profile, so you can better understand and connect with your Higher Self. Having this knowledge can help guide you on your path to expressing yourself Divinely and experiencing life the way your Soul intended it.

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