Pluto Stations Direct: Sept. 28, 2017

Pluto AstrologyAs seen from our perspective here on Earth, for the last five months, far-distant Pluto has been in a phase of retrograde motion. That is, it appeared to us that back on April 20th, Pluto stopped briefly in its cosmic journey around the Sun, and then began to reverse its course, traveling backwards in its orbital track.

Of course, as Science will tell you, Pluto hasn’t actually been moving backwards in its path at all. This is just an optical illusion that we experience with our neighboring Planets because we’re all moving at varying distances from each other and at differing speeds. But the result is that it does seem to us that other Planets will stop and then retrace their steps for a while before resuming “direct” or regular forward motion.

And while Science doesn’t attach much meaning to these retrograde motion periods, Astrology does. One widely accepted general rule is the idea that during retrograde periods, the energies that a given Planet symbolizes will tend to withdraw themselves a bit from the external world, and begin to play themselves out across our inner landscapes.

So, for example, when Mars, the Warrior-Planet, goes retrograde, it could be that obvious and active hostilities among us humans might seem to subside for a while, but we as individuals might feel inclined to focus our anger (a Mars principle!) upon our own selves far more than we usually might.

And the same analysis can be applied to any of the other Planets. When any of them station either retrograde or direct, it can be a momentous occasion, depending on your own unique birth chart (more on this notion down below…).

But tomorrow, intense Pluto stations direct. To put that another way…Pluto’s most recent retrograde period is coming to a close.

Pluto AstrologyWhat does this mean for you? In general terms, as discussed above, it means that Plutonian energies have likely been busy within us for the last five months. Pluto stands for such concepts as transformation, renewal, death, rebirth, regeneration, psychology, power, and great wealth. Have you noticed any significant changes within yourself in the last five months that could accurately be filed under any of those headings…?

And whether it’s been a Plutonian period for you since April 20th or not, we can all probably expect to see those aforementioned Pluto concepts returning to greater prominence in the world around us, as Pluto stations direct and leaves this retrograde phase behind.

In some ways this may be scary. Pluto-energy is not nurturing or comforting! Pluto is more likely to probe into your inner workings with a virtual scalpel without any regard for your feelings on the matter, than it is to candy-coat things and nuzzle you through its visits.

Pluto AstrologyWhen Pluto-energy walks tall in the world, we can see the dynamics of big power and big money playing themselves out on the more global level. Buried psychological factors can boil up to the surface and demand to be dealt with…so issues that stem from the darkness in the human soul may be poised to erupt with fresh vigor from our collective unconscious and shake society by its lapels. Consider what’s happened in our civilization in the last five months, and then remember that this all went down while Pluto’s energies were turned mostly inward for us!

But Pluto is far from all bad. If we can stand up to its attentions with integrity and bravery, we can be on the receiving end of some real transformation. Pluto’s associations with death mean that it has real skill with stripping away the dead outer layers of structures in our lives, clearing the way for release, streamlining, new growth, and even actual metamorphosis.

As always, I like to emphasize the importance of checking out where any such noteworthy occurrence is happening in the context of your own birth chart. No two charts are exactly alike, and what affects one person profoundly may be the barest blip on the radar of another.

Tomorrow, Pluto stations direct at about 17 degrees into the Sign of Capricorn. If you have any Planets or important Points in your chart located at that spot or within a few degrees of it, then you may feel this big shift.

If you have any placements at the corresponding location in any of the other Cardinal Signs – that’s Aries, Cancer, and Libra – then you may also find this development impossible to ignore.

And if those locations are unpopulated in your chart, but Pluto is simply a dominant force for you in general, then you may tend to be sensitive to its changes in activity regardless of where they’re actually happening in the sky.

But if you do spot a direct connection between transiting Pluto’s current Capricornian surroundings and something in your own chart, take note of which Sign and which House that something in your chart is occupying. The Sign may offer clues as to the ways in which Plutonian energies may take shape, and the House can hint at where the new activity will crop up in your life.

As an example, say you have Venus in your Seventh House at 17 degrees Capricorn… Pluto will station direct tomorrow almost on top of your natal Venus. You may then be on tap to receive big doses of Plutonian transformation that have to do with the appearance of new restrictions, possibly with career or financial overtones (Capricorn concepts). These may make themselves most powerfully known for you among your interactions with other humans (Venus work), and especially within your most primary one-to-one relationships (Seventh House affairs). That’s a quick read, and somewhat oversimplified, but it should give you some ideas as to how to analyze your own upcoming possible brushes with Pluto…

And if you’d like some help with your analysis, I’m always happy to set up a CHART READING SESSION that looks at not just the birth chart itself, but at current transits that may be poised to affect you. Please feel invited to book something with me now!

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