Venus Opposite Neptune: Astro-Alert for Sept. 29, 2017

Venus opposite Neptune Astrology
Today, a vast gulf separates Venus and Neptune…

Later today, relationship-centric Venus will be making a perfect opposition with mystical Neptune. In order to dope out just what that might mean for you, you’ll have to work through a few questions:

  1. What do Venus and Neptune each symbolize?
  2. Which Signs are they in right now?
  3. What’s an opposition all about?
  4. Which Houses in your own unique chart are Venus and Neptune currently moving through?

The first three questions are general, and the answers will pretty much apply to anyone and everyone. The fourth and final question is very person-specific. Let’s tackle them in order…

What do Venus and Neptune each symbolize?

This one isn’t too demanding. Venus represents our drive to form relationships. This definitely includes romantic connections – Venus the Planet is, after all, named for Venus the Goddess of Love – but Venus territory is also not limited solely to the arena of romance. Venus affairs also include platonic relationships. Basically, Venus is concerned with our urge toward interacting with our fellow humans (and arguably even with other creatures).

Meanwhile, Neptune is more focused on our relationship with the Universe itself, with invisible forces, the Great Unknown, the Divine. Neptune is a very spiritual energy, very dreamy, very otherworldly.

What Signs are they in right now?

Venus is moving through the exacting realm of Virgo. This could translate in a few different ways. If we sink into taking the lower road, we might find ourselves turning our inner critics loose upon everyone in our personal orbits. Other people might annoy us more than usual, and we might pick apart those we come into contact with. It might also be the case that we notice everything that’s less than ideal about each of our individual relationships, and about our relationship sphere on the whole (“I don’t have true love” or “I don’t have any really good friends” might be the kinds of thoughts that will tend to rise up into consciousness at this time).

But in contrast, if we can steer ourselves onto the higher Virgonian road, this might be a terrific opportunity for tending to our relationships – instead of getting tunnel-visioned on their flaws, we can instead get down to making those relationships better. Virgo in finer moments is selfless and care-taking and compassionate. Finer-moments’ Virgo says, “How can I help?”

Across the way, Neptune the dreamy Planet is floating through the equally dreamy Sign of Pisces. On the negative side of the tally sheet, this placement can lead to a lack of structure, an inability to concentrate on anything, an absence of boundaries, and a failure to distinguish fantasy from reality. Addictive and escapist urges may also rise up to serious levels of intensity.

On the positive side of the ledger, though, Neptune in Pisces can grant us immense amounts of spiritual understanding, psychic input, artistic vision, and benevolent concern for all things. This is fantastic stuff when accessed properly.

What’s an opposition all about?

In technical terms, an opposition happens when two Planets line up exactly 180 degrees apart from each other on the chart wheel. That is, from where we’re observing things here on Planet Earth, the two Planets seem to be literally opposite each other in the sky.

The generally accepted interpretation of oppositions says that the two opposing Planets are then each competing for whatever energy and attention might be available at the time. The problem with this state of affairs is that we can usually feed either side of the opposition…but we can’t feed both at the same time. It’s sometimes necessary to either wisely choose one side to nourish at a given moment, or if resources allow, to alternate between both of them.

Think of an opposition like a child’s seesaw on a playground: you can’t push both ends up simultaneously. Only one end can rise at a time…and when one end rises, the other end falls. Feeding one of the Planets in opposition kind of necessarily demands starving the other.

In other words, this weekend might be an interval during which we’re forced to choose between cultivating our concrete, earthly relationships with others (Venus/Virgo) or drifting deep into some altered state of awareness (Neptune/Pisces) that’s more about what we might call “Higher” realms than it is about the more mundane ones where we spend most of our waking lives.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to say that it’s difficult-to-impossible to focus simultaneously on pushing forward both our earthly relationships and our cosmic ones.

Which Houses in your own unique chart are Venus and Neptune currently moving through?

You may find that even if you have no Planets in your own chart lined up in such a way as to directly receive blasts of energy from Venus and Neptune, their presences might make themselves known in the areas of your life that are symbolized by the Houses these two Planets are currently passing through. Everybody’s charts are unique, so it’s important to look into your own here. Where do Virgo and Pisces line up against your own Houses?

jim carrey Venus-Neptune opposition 9-29-17 AstrologyAs an example, take a look at the chart shown here – this one belongs to Jim Carrey, who has actually been increasingly Neptunian in recent times.

When today’s opposition happens, transiting Venus – the one rendered in green ink outside the chart wheel (circled here in purple) – will be moving alongside Jim Carrey’s Tenth House. At the same time, transiting Neptune is positioned adjacent to his Fourth House.

In astrological terms, this means that his experience of the Venus/Neptune opposition may make itself known as a pull to choose between putting energy into those of his earthly relationships (Venus/Virgo) that are part of his career field (Tenth House stuff), versus devoting his bandwidth to exploring his more spiritual concerns (Neptune/Pisces) in a much more private setting (Fourth House). The Tenth House is the very public “House of Career,” while the Fourth House is the exceptionally private “House of Home.”

You can do the same analysis in your own chart: which Houses will be playing host to our opposing friends, Venus and Neptune today? Knowing the answers may help you to make some wise choices about where to direct your own focus this weekend while the opposition is in effect.

4 thoughts on “Venus Opposite Neptune: Astro-Alert for Sept. 29, 2017

  1. Thank you! I’m very new at learning astrology, however the chart was very clear and easy to understand.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Ericka! I’m glad to know the article was relatively clear and easy to follow. Astrology is deep and complex, but as long as you pace yourself, and allow it to be more marathon than sprint, you can totally get it. 😀

  2. I really appreciate this article, Steve! It hits a personal opposition and is in aspect with transiting Pluto. In conjunction with another polarity involving my Sun and Moon, I feel this push-pull. Thank you for this simple description, list of steps, and example!

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Paula! Wow, you really have a lot going on right now in terms of transiting Planets landing right on top of your own natal oppositions! I hope you’re finding yourself able to surf the incoming waves of energy and change instead of being just battered by them… Wishing you much good luck in the process!

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