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Just this past Thursday, I wrote a post about how distant Pluto was about to station direct following five months spent moving in apparent retrograde fashion. Basically, this would translate for much of us down here on Planet Earth as something like a great, grim psychiatrist-God finally setting aside his pipe after futzing with it for almost half a year, and fixing his piercing, merciless gaze back outward again upon all of us deeply flawed mortals…

Plutonian periods are generally concerned with intensity, and with the darkness that resides in the human soul. A few keywords you might hear – if you were to solicit some from a randomly selected gallery of astrologers – might include some of these: death, power, rebirth, transformation, psychology, secrets, violence, hatred, taboo…

Like any other symbol in Astrology, Pluto is definitely by no means “all bad” – Pluto absolutely has its upsides and its charms, even if those, too, are a bit on the darker side – but you don’t have to work too hard to find concepts that undeniably stand up as legitimately “Plutonian” themes, and which also register with most humans as “not super-desirable.”

And when Pluto returns back to direct motion, Plutonian energies manifest less as inner developments that we might experience in the privacy of our own heads and hearts, and more as external happenings out in the consensus reality that we all share. That is, they’re a lot more likely to appear as bursts of activity that everyone can see.

As I wrote the other day: “When Pluto-energy walks tall in the world, we can see the dynamics of big power and big money playing themselves out on the more global level. Buried psychological factors can boil up to the surface and demand to be dealt with…so issues that stem from the darkness in the human soul may be poised to erupt with fresh vigor from our collective unconscious and shake society by its lapels.”

I was definitely not trying to be alarmist when I wrote that…but I also believe it’s a mistake to try to paint everything as all sweetness and all light, all the time. When Pluto fires up and acts, the results can be difficult, or even traumatic and tragic.

And so…Sunday night in Las Vegas. In case you haven’t heard the news, a lone gunman opened up into a crowd of concert-goers from high up in his casino hotel room with an automatic rifle. It’s been labeled the worst mass shooting in modern US history, leaving 58 people dead and more than 500 wounded.

Tom Petty Pluto Astrology
RIP, Tom Petty…

Meanwhile, as I was writing this piece, rock star Tom Petty, beloved by audiences for 40 years, was lying near death in Los Angeles, having suffered cardiac arrest a few hours before in his Malibu home (and Petty has since passed away – RIP, sir, you left us with many great songs…).

Plutonian times do seem to be upon us. Death is already in the house, and not even bothering to use an indoor voice anymore. And remember the rest of the main Plutonian concepts, such as the power games, the deep and dark psychological complexes and secrets, the violence and hatred and taboo, all pushing themselves up into the light…

These things have to be dealt with – acknowledged, accepted as realities that can’t be swept under rugs or stuffed into the backs of closets – and then dealt with. And it has to be done with intelligence, integrity, honesty, and as much compassion as we can muster for ourselves and for each other. We’re all sharing a lifeboat here, and it’s a lot smaller and more fragile than it appears at quick glance. We need to be realistic about our situation…and we need to make some changes, because what we have going on right now isn’t working.

It might be a bit of good news, though, to remind ourselves that Pluto also claims dominion over the principles of both rebirth and transformation. In Pluto’s cold, dark aura, we can change. We can evolve. We can shed old skin, and then start to grow again.

Pluto is spinning slowly through the Sign of Capricorn. Pluto will remain in Capricorn until it finally crosses the cusp of Aquarius in 2024. And Capricorn likes to encourage Planets to take a slow, methodical, results-oriented approach in their work, whatever that specific work might be.

This probably means that any changes we’d like to bring into being at this time, will likely work best, and will have the best shot at any real staying power, if those changes are planned out sensibly, and then implemented in dedicated fashion over time, with an eye toward excellence every step of the way. No shortcuts, no quick fixes or miracle cures – Capricorn-energy has no use for such things. Capricorn-energy builds great works over extended periods – that’s it, and that’s all.

So send your love toward Las Vegas…toward Puerto Rico and Mexico and the other various areas so devastated in recent days by savage forces of nature…maybe include a prayer for Tom Petty as he passes onward, and for anyone left mournful in the wake of his passing…

And then roll up your sleeves and start to mid-wife some real transformation, for yourself and for the rest of us. What do you truly want to be, at the heart of it all? What do you want the world to be? Pluto is here to remind us that not taking action is still a form of action, and not becoming an active part of the solution often means remaining an active part of the problem…

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