Conscious Awakening

Awakening Ascension Soul Realignment Akashic RecordsBy Jessica Lee

We are all Souls having a human being experience. We are energy in this body that is taking us on a journey to experience all of the emotions and feelings available. Our Souls alone can only feel love, and in order for us to grow as spiritual beings, we have to go through a schooling process, and that process is to incarnate here on Earth and go through a series of lessons and tests, all meant for us to recognize our Divine nature so we can move up in the spiritual realm.

Everyone was born with amnesia, and our goal is to remember who we are and why we were here. At some point in our lives, a spiritual awakening happens…or tries to happen. Since we all have free will, it is up to us to know the difference between an awakening and a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bi-polar disorder, etc.

Here in the US, “they” want to keep us distracted at all costs. They had distracted us by feeding us garbage, over-medicating us, poisoning our water, filling our minds with fear… all meant to keep us in a vicious cycle of sickness and temporary treatment.

Our awakenings can be powerful and supernatural. It can be magical, blissful and transformative. It is creation at its finest. Creation of who you have always wanted to be, and the courage and wisdom that you find inside of your heart can be enough to change you forever.

But, if you want change there will be some chaos – that’s just the Law of this Universe. You will have to put some serious work into it. There is no growth without growing pains.

A spiritual awakening will take a shit load of energy and you will need to learn how to transmute it, heal it and release it. Learning about myself and who I am on a deeper level is one of the things that continuously helps me heal while learning a bunch of interesting things.

Learning about myself helps me learn about other people at the same time, and that helps me to be the best person I can be in business and with friends and loved ones.

Awakening Ascension Soul Realignment Akashic Records
We are now in a period of a great shift. Time is moving faster, and our karma is rushing towards us so we can quickly process it, learn from it and then get rid of it and move on. We keep incarnating here because we have little chance to learn about ourselves, as our conscious lives have been hijacked.

As this flood of energy is blanketing the planet and causing this shift, we are seeing more Healers, Teachers, Astrologers and Mystics being awakened to help others with their own journeys. We have incarnated many times before this to help usher in a new way of thinking, and we are doing this now again.

Trying to break free from habits of the old way of living will help kickstart your journey to being a successful, compassionate and conscious member of Earth:

Try doing the following for 21 days and journal about it throughout if you feel called to:

  1. Turn off the TV and Radio – The media has a low vibration – your subconscious is exposed to it even if you are not consciously listening.
  2. Eat clean – limit your consumption of meat and processed foods.
  3. Drink only filtered water – tap water has fluoride which can be damaging to your third eye.
  4. Exercise – getting your heart rate and adrenaline up will help to produce feel-good endorphins.
  5. Meditate – sit in silence for at least 7 minutes a day. Do not worry about “quieting” your mind. Let it run and see how you progress at the end of the 21 days. You may see that quieting your mind will come easier, and relaxation will follow quicker.
  6. Have Gratitude – every morning state out loud 5 things you are grateful for. Do the same thing before bed.
  7. Set positive intentions for the day ahead – this will help the Universe to know what you want so it can be given to you.
  8. Appreciate – Be appreciative of the beauty in your surroundings.
  9. Journal your thoughts – Getting them out on paper will feel like a release.

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