Soul Origination

Soul Origination Starseed Alien Akashic Records Sirian John Lennon

Where did your Soul first originate? That is a huge question for a lot of my clients who want to understand themselves better.

Where your Soul incarnated for the first time, whether that was on Earth or in another star system, can tell you a lot about who you are as a person and why you embody certain qualities. It can also help you understand why you may feel different from other people or not understand the way other people behave.

Understanding where your Soul originated from help you access your Divinity so you can express those qualities in your everyday human experience.

Your Soul Origination can also give you clues as to what type of career would work best for you.

Every single person on Earth today is a multidimensional being. A lot of us do not see ourselves in that way because society has spent centuries trying to get us all to conform. We have been blinded by illusions, and those illusions are brought to us by pop culture and the media.

Right now, in these auspicious times, we are finding our Soul families. We are meeting people and instantly forming a connection with them. When you meet someone and you instantly click and you feel as if you have known them forever, that is because you have most likely spent lifetime after lifetime with them – playing different roles in order to learn and grow from each other.

Working with the Akashic records, part of my work is to uncover where my clients Soul originated from. This is the most fascinating part of the work that I do because understanding where a Soul has originated from can give you lots of clues as to who that person is and why they are here.

We are all here for a reason, and we all have a mission. Self-Knowledge is key to uncovering what that personalized mission is. You have to start there – know yourself in and out. Become your own best friend, become obsessed with yourself!

I have done countless Soul Blueprint readings for clients, friends, family and even people who have passed away to get a better sense of who they were. I have noticed that the people closest to me are part of my Soul Group. I even did a Soul Blueprint reading for one of my spirit guides who was incarnated between 1940 and 1980, and he is also part of the same Soul Group as I.

Your Soul could also present with an Overtone or an Underlay. Not only will they have a Soul Group of origination, but they will also have a connection to another Star System.

An overtone suggests that a Soul has spent may incarnations in a Star system that is not their origination, to the point that they also identify with that star system on top of their Soul Group of origination.

An underlay means that a Soul incarnated in a Star system for many lifetimes to the point that they start to identify with that Soul group rather than their Soul group of origination.

Soul Origination Starseed Alien Akashic Records Sirian John Lennon

Here is a list of different star systems you could have originated from – A Soul Blueprint Reading will give you a full description of your own Soul group of origination.

Our Solar System Soul Groups




Star Travelers










Alpha Centauri



Blueprinter Soul Group





There are also Parallels and Mission Realmers.

No one Soul group is better or less than the other. Each Soul is perfect in its own unique and beautiful way.

My Soul Group of origination is Sirius. Here is a quick description or Sirians:

Sirians are the improvers. They like to make things better and more efficient. They love to take something and make it better, for the good of society. They like to organize, coordinate, plan and map things out. They make good coaches and consultants as they enjoy helping others reach their true potential.

A Soul Blueprint reading will give you a full description of your Soul origination and overtone or underlay (if applicable) – book yours HERE.

2 thoughts on “Soul Origination

  1. I’ve had a tonne of synchronicity with Sirius also 🙂

    I was obsessed with Dolphins growing up and had my room kitted out with them all over the walls. I meet them in my dreams a lot.

    I had an astral projection once were I was swimming under the sea and came face to face with a blue being with a white light shining from her forehead… she laughed at me. lol

    great post as usual – thank you!

    1. Thanks Jenny! You may have a connection with Mintaka as well since you are so drawn to dolphins. Mintaka was a water world with crystal clear water that you could see to the bottom of. My Soul overtone is Mintaka and I always have dreams of swimming in the water and some with dolphins as well.

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