Chakra Systems Interlocking…

Chakras Reincarnation Karma Past Lives

By Steven Seinberg…

When I was just a youngster, and still rising up through the US public school system, whoever was in charge of teaching my class-group its science stuff imparted a mnemonic device to us for learning the colors of the rainbow (or visible spectrum)…and that mnemonic device has always stayed with me.

Maybe you know it, too. It’s ROY G. BIV.

That sounds like somebody’s name. Like, Roy is this person’s first name, G. is their middle initial, and Biv is their unusual but still totally possible last name. As in, “Mr. and Mrs. Biv, can Roy G. come out and play…?”

And ROY G. BIV is a neat little acronym, in that each letter is the first letter of one of the colors of that aforementioned visible spectrum. They actually track along with the colors of the rainbow if you follow them from bottom to top:















Depending on your own interests and your explorations to date, you may have also come across the idea of the chakra system. People of a certain mindset – including, say, some yoga enthusiasts, and Reiki practitioners and other energy workers – believe that our physical bodies house seven primary energy centers called chakras, and that each one of these energy centers features its own set of functions and its own “personality.”

Chakras Reincarnation Karma Past Lives
The seven primary chakras… Notice the ROY G. BIV sequence running from bottom to top!

Each one also shines forth in its own distinctive color. And as it happens…the chakras also line up perfectly in that same ROY G. BIV sequence if you look at them in order from bottom to top.

But something struck me about this… We tend to think of each person’s chakra system as a self-contained affair, a humanoid-shaped bubble complete unto itself, sealed at top and bottom, and all around the width, length, and depth of it.

Consider this, though: if we lump the indigo and violet chakras into one color-field that we can call purple, then something really fascinating happens… Yes, we lose the cool mnemonic device of ROY G. BIV (admittedly, ROY GBP doesn’t have the same flair…)…but we might gain something else…

First, recall that there are three “primary colors” – red, yellow, and blue – and we blend these together to make the other colors.

If we start at the red color-field, notice how you can then add every other color-field together to create the color-field that separates them.

I’ll say that in plainer language: if we add the first color-field (Red) to the third color-field (Yellow), we get the second color-field (Orange) that hovers between them.

We can do that again, too: adding the third color-field (Yellow) to the fifth color-field (Blue) gives us the hue of the fourth color-field (Green) that does in fact occupy the space between those two.

We can try doing this one more time, but since we’re starting at the second-to-last chakra in the system, we run out of room before we can finish our exercise here.

Or do we? Here’s the radical thought: what if we can snap another, “higher” chakra system right on top of the one we’re looking at, almost like we’re clicking a Lego block into place right onto another one that was build to receive it?

What if the Blue Throat Chakra of the first and “lower” chakra system combines with the Red Root Chakra of the new, “higher” chakra system above it to create the Purple color-field that separates them…? We know that blue plus red gives us purple, so if we agree to consider this “snapping together” of chakras, then we can actually form chains of them that might run on into Infinity in both directions, “up” and “down,” kind of like cosmic DNA strands.

But what are these other chakra systems? Fair question…

Chakras Reincarnation Karma Past Lives
If we allow for reincarnation as a possibility, maybe it’s the chakra systems of each incarnation that link them all together…

My initial idea here is that maybe the chakra system “below” the one you occupy now in your current form is that of your most recent past life self. And the one just “above” your current chakra system is the one that will belong to your next incarnation. And as we reincarnate across many lifetimes, our consciousness travels along the chain of chakra systems. And maybe there’s an endpoint…or maybe we keep traveling forever…or maybe we find that the “chain” is somehow a wheel, and we come back around to our point of origin.

I can’t say for sure where we’re all headed after this incarnation. But I do know that the colors seem to testify that this “snapping together” of chakra systems into eternal vertical chains is utterly possible. If you want to see it, you just need to call for ROY GBP to come out and play…

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