A Simple Technique For Improving Your Intuition

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Start with the notion that our brains have two hemispheres, and these two brain-halves are very different beasts…

By Steven Seinberg…

Do you want to strengthen your intuition? Here’s a technique you can try with great ease and almost no expense, and it may even yield good results for you immediately…

It came to me while I was gearing up for a guided meditation event at this great local metaphysical shop near me called Ascension NXT a couple of nights ago. It hinged on my own very amateur-level understanding of the two hemispheres of the human brain, and the fact that each hemisphere apparently controls certain parts of our physical bodies, and also governs certain distinct psychological/cognitive functions.

Here’s that amateur-level understanding of mine:

  • The left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body, and the right hemisphere controls the left.
  • The left hemisphere houses our logical, analytical, linear, and orderly thought processes.
  • The right hemisphere is more about our intuitive, artistic, non-linear, and chaotic functions.

Which…cool enough. But what’s the technique??

Okay, let’s say that you want to engage in meditation, or some divinatory activity (Tarot, Runes, Oracle cards, muscle testing, etc.), or energy-healing, or any other enterprise that requires real intuitive chops…

The technique is this: before you begin the activity in question, try writing or drawing with your non-dominant hand for a few minutes first.

The inspiration for this notion visited me while I was gathering up a notebook and a couple of pens so I could jot down some impressions at the Ascension NXT event, which was going to include some guided visualization scenarios.

It suddenly occurred to me in that moment that since I’m right-handed, then whenever I write or draw with my right hand, I may actually be stimulating the left hemisphere of my brain…which, remember, is the hemisphere that’s believed to be associated with logic, with linear thought processes, and with rationality.

It struck me that writing or drawing with my “strong” hand might then serve to turn the dial down on exactly the kinds of intuitive input I would need in order to get the most out of the visualizations. Recall that intuition, artistic work, and chaotic/non-linear thought processes are usually associated with the right hemispheres of our brains, not the left…

Alien Extraterrestrial Intuition Metaphysical
One of our guided visualizations involved aliens, so I drew this character with my left hand before we got underway…

But it also occurred to me in that same moment that the intuitive right-brain is linked with the left sides of our bodies…so what if I were to write or draw for a bit with my left hand? Maybe that would fire up my right-brain’s intuitive circuits…?

Anyway, as I’m not a brain surgeon or a practicing neurologist, I can’t give you strong professional testimony as to whether my proposed method is scientifically sound or not…but I can at least tell you that doodling a bit with my left hand as we geared up for the visualization exercises did seem to significantly beef up my intuitive input during the session!

I’m generally fairly mediocre in terms of my visualization skills, but on this evening, I was able to “see” things with a lot more clarity, color, and detail than I can usually manage, and I also had a few disembodied phrases pop into my consciousness without any prompting from me. A couple of the things I was visualizing also ended up morphing unexpectedly (like, a pomegranate turned into a book at one point…). I even enjoyed heightened dream activity that night after I went to bed!

I realize that this notion may seem at first glance to leave left-handed people and the ambidextrous out in the cold. That is, if you’re already using your left hand a great deal – which stimulates your intuitive right-brain – then maybe using your right hand more would only serve to swap out intuition for logic…?

Again, I can’t speak to this possibility in any sort of clinical, evidence-backed way. My intuitive right-brain, though, suggests that you should still try this exercise anyway! It’ll cost you almost nothing, and it may yield great results (if it doesn’t, you can try drawing or writing with your left hand immediately before you attempt to harness your intuition, and see if that helps…).

Also, if nothing else, your “weak-handed” artwork will most likely be unexpected, interesting, and inspiring!

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