Another Technique For Boosting Your Intuition

Boost Your Intuition
How do you open that intuitive Third Eye wider…?

By Steven Seinberg…

Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s now 2018. I have good feelings about this particular year for multiple reasons…but one of these reasons is personal to me, and probably won’t be shared by too many of you out there. It might matter to you in a roundabout sort of way that could help you to build your intuitive muscles, though, so I thought I’d kick off the new year by sharing it here…

This personal reason that has me feeling extra-good about this specific new year is the fact that 2018 is an anagram – of sorts – of my birthday.

See, my birthday is October 28. Here in the US, we write that as “10/28.” And for now, let’s put a thumbtack in this idea, and we’ll come back to it in a second…

Poltergeist Anagram
POLTERGEIST. How many new words or phrases can you anagram out of the letters in this spooky word…?

And anagrams… An anagram is what you get when you mix up the letters in a word or phrase to make one or more different words or phrases. Like, if you mix up the letters in POLTERGEIST, you can get the phrase EGRET PISTOL.

And that’s just one of many possibilities: you can also get OGRE SPITTLE…TOP TIER LEGS…GREET PILOTS…EGO SPLITTER…you get the point.

Similarly, if you mix up the four digits that make up my birthday – 1-0-2-8 – you can end up with 2-0-1-8, or 2018. Anagrams usually refer to fun with letters, but if we stretch that definition to include numbers, then we’ve got that going on here.

By the way, comparable anagrammy goodness is likewise queued up here in 2018 for those of you born on Jan. 28 (01/28), Feb. 18 (02/18), Aug. 12 (08/12), Aug. 21 (08/21), and Dec. 8 (12/08).

Cool! But what has this little exercise done for you lately, right? Especially if your birthday is not a numbers-anagram of 2018…?

In MY PREVIOUS BLOG POST, I suggested drawing with your non-dominant hand for a few minutes or more as a method for boosting your intuitive powers right before you’re about to put them to good use. You can also make this an ongoing small practice on a more or less daily basis to strengthen your intuitive perceptions, and it should help overall even if you don’t always key a “weak-handed” drawing session to a bout of divination or meditation, or whatever other intuitive undertaking.

I make the same recommendation here with respect to anagrams. That is, I believe that if you practice making anagrams out of various words and phrases that appear along your path, this will help to crank up the volume on your intuition.

PRACTICE with anagrams gives you an EPIC CART for intuitive progress! 

Intuition, as I wrote in that previous post, is held to be a function of our more artistic/chaotic right-brain, and is much less a logical left-brain kind of affair. Sure, you could approach the process of creating anagrams in a systematic, computer-like way, and even cook up algorithms that will do this for you (and newsflash: people have beaten you to this, as there are already plenty of anagram-generators scattered around the internet if you feel like searching for them). What I’m suggesting, though, is that you abandon the systematic, logical approach, and harness your more freeform right-brain.

Try writing down a word or phrase with, say, 10 letters or so to start, give or take a few, and see if any new words jump out of the mix at you. Choose a starting point that has a decent sampling of both vowels and consonants so that you have something to work with (words like “syzygy” will not be the wisest kinds of selections here…), and just ponder the conglomeration of letters to see if any new words pop out.

There may be a bit of left-brain work involved as you start to extract new words, leaving you with smaller subsets of letters that will need to be assembled into legitimate new words or phrases if you want to end up with a worthy anagram. Even then, though, you can still lead with your right-brain.

As an example, when I randomly chose the word POLTERGEIST above to illustrate the whole anagramming thing, the word PISTOL flashed in my head almost immediately. I didn’t deduce it in painstaking, linear fashion, or pull out letter combinations through some calculated schematic until I landed on something – I could just tell that PISTOL was lurking in there.

Once I pulled those letters out, and wrote down what I had remaining, I found that I was left with ERGET…which I then realized could be rearranged into EGRET with a minimal amount of fuss. The extracting of a word and recopying of the still unused letters is more of a left-brain, orderly operation…but then I switched back to intuitive right-brain mode to contemplate ERGET.

I’ve been anagramming things in my head for decades, because I am weird like that, so I’ve had a lot of practice, and it comes fairly easily to me at this point. It may not be a natural or lightning-quick thing for you at first if you haven’t had much experience here…but repetition will fortify this skill as surely as lifting weights will increase your muscle mass. And as you work at your anagramming chops, I predict that your overall intuitive powers will grow mightier.

At the very least, you can give it a try for a few days, and see if you notice any differences in your divination adventures, in your visualization and meditation efforts, or in the quantity and quality of your dreaming as you sleep.

I wish you much GOT RUNE FOOD in this practice…uh, I mean, GOOD FORTUNE!

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