How Do You Deal With Saturn In Capricorn?

Saturn in Capricorn Astrology

By Steven Seinberg…

Almost one month ago, the all-business Planet that we know as Saturn traveled onward from the adventurous and optimistic Sign of Sagittarius into the much more serious territory of Capricorn.

As you might already know, the actions of any Planetary energy are always colored mightily by the Sign through which it happens to be working at a given time. Planets are kind of like people – if maybe extremely single-minded people – and the Signs are like different outfits that they wear for a while. These outfits then affect the Planets’ abilities to get their work taken care of.

So why does this matter to any of us…? So Saturn put on a different set of clothes – who cares, right?

Well, maybe we do. Or should. Because Saturn symbolizes a certain restrictive force that’s always at work in the Universe around us, and also within ourselves. Visits from Saturn are often about us being tested and tempered.

Imagine you’re about to be quizzed, graded, or otherwise evaluated in some way that could have potentially major-league consequences for you. Wouldn’t you want to know something about the mood and general state of mind of the person who’ll be doing the evaluating…?

In this case, it’s very possible that our Saturnian tests have been a bit loose for the past 2+ years while Saturn has been cruising through Sagittarian turf. On the plus side, this could have translated in practice as less tests overall, and less harshness in the tests that were imposed upon us. That doesn’t sound too taxing, right? On the minus side, though, those tests might not have helped us to streamline, upgrade, and just plain work as we maybe needed to do.

Saturn in Capricorn Astrology
Capricorn likes a slow and steady climb to lofty heights…

But all things must pass, and so it is with that phase. Saturn has now entered Capricornian grounds, and this is the patch of Zodiac that we might think of as Saturn’s “home court.” This is where Saturn likes to be – it’s where the tester and temperer can get its work done with the greatest efficiency, purity, and sheer impact. Capricorn is much more somber, practical, conservative, and results-oriented than Sagittarius is.

Put another way…this move is sort of like a financial auditor changing out of their weekend party clothes and into their auditing suit, complete with a bandolier of red pens and a calculator humming with brand-new batteries in a hip-holster. When in Capricorn, Saturn can land on us in the most Saturnian fashion imaginable.

Which actually sounds like it could be kind of horrible.

So what do we do? Saturn will be working its methodical way through the land of the Sea-Goat for more than two years. How do we make it through that stretch without being steamrollered flat by all the constricting, buzzkill forces already raining down all over us?

“Slow and steady wins the race.” That might be a good choice of motto for a Saturn-in-Capricorn phase. The point during this time isn’t necessarily to go far, or to go fast, or to venture forth into new locales – it’s to show dedication in our work. Irregularity and extremes are going to be frowned upon during this passage, while the act of building something slowly and steadily, one stone or one brick at a time over a long interval…that’s the kind of business that Saturn in Capricorn wants to see from us for now.

Elder Futhark Runes
Each Rune shown here represents a single daily draw…and this photo only captures a fraction of the results that I recorded over time. Saturn in Capricorn likely approves of this kind of approach…

Example… Quite a few years ago now, I discovered the system of divination known as the Runes. I started pulling and studying one Rune per day as a way to learn them better…and I never stopped. Nerdishly, I also took to recording my daily Rune draws in classic hashmark fashion, and then transferred my draws into an Excel spreadsheet so I could track which Runes I drew the most versus which ones I drew the least.

Discussing the results to date is probably best left for a different post, but the point is this: I didn’t draw and record hundreds of Rune pulls in one sitting. There wouldn’t have been anything wrong with that…but it wouldn’t be an easy thing to do, and even if you could force yourself to get through the same amount of drawing and tallying in one go-round that I put in over a period of years, it definitely wouldn’t make for a great example of what Saturn wants to see from us while it’s wearing its Capricorn-suit. Saturn-in-Capricorn wants to see us making sure to set aside a few minutes out of each day and then doing the work in tiny but definite installments, without skipping days out of laziness or forgetfulness.

Saturn and Capricorn both share the vibe of The Builder. They both like to see things constructed gradually, steadily, and over long periods, with no skimping and no cutting of corners. That’s what’s on the menu for us these next 2+ years.

So settle in for a longer haul at this time. Launch some new habits and regimens that you can attend to on a daily basis over a long period of time. What you lay the foundations for now may serve you for many years to come if your work is of high quality. Start a diet or exercise program…begin learning a new skill, a new language, a new subject (like I did with the Runes)…kick off a large-scale creativity project…get that journal going…jump into that home improvement work…the possibilities are almost endless.

The main point here is to approach some excellent large undertaking with that mindset of “Rome wasn’t built in a day”…while remembering that Rome was eventually built…stone by stone by stone, over long periods of time, until all roads led there from everywhere around the globe. You can bet that if Saturn-in-Capricorn contemplates Rome’s evolution over time, that will be about as close to smiling as the dour ringed Planet ever gets! Learn from Rome’s growth blueprint, and for the next two years, see if you can follow it…

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    1. Hi, Alex — I’ve been studying Astrology for quite a few years now, so I’ve gathered info from many sources over time. I tend to write about the parts of it that feel true to me, especially when I’ve seen them resonate with people during chart analysis sessions. I’m really glad to hear that this post felt helpful for you. I hope you have great luck with Saturn in Capricorn!

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    1. Thanks, Ivy! I’ve been blogging here for over three years now, and have been mostly self-taught. I appreciate the encouragement about the results, and I hope you’ll keep coming back!

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