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Because we humans generally experience time in very linear fashion, we’ve developed a fascination for the future.

From our limited perspective, it seems that we remember the past, and we exist in the present…but the future? That’s a realm of experience that’s completely unknown to us, and that also happens to be bearing down on us like a freight train. It’s hard not to get hypnotized by that combination!

So what does the future hold for us? Will we like it? Will it hurt? Can we change it…?

Over the centuries, we’ve developed various systems of divination in order to help us try to peer into the future. And while there have always been skeptics on Earth in lavish supply, these systems have also still managed to offer enough apparently on-point results that they’ve become equated in our collective consciousness with the concept of future-gazing. That is, our society as a whole files practices such as Astrology and Tarot under the heading of “fortune-telling.”

But to view these divinatory practice as just pure fortune-telling and nothing more is extremely limiting. Disciplines such as Astrology and Tarot can offer us so much more than tunnel-visioned attempts at future-gazing. They can also serve us as actual wellness modalities.

Sure, Astrology, for example, can absolutely be of some use in gathering information about the ever-changing fields of probability that might be drifting your way like weather patterns…but that’s just one of its many applications. Astrology is also a phenomenal lens through which you can look back at your own psyche, and make tremendous discoveries about your own true, core self.

And it’s a very central belief here at Arrow In Flight that self-knowledge is a primary gateway to overall wellness. If you understand who and what you really are, you can set up your life so as to nurture that true self. You can eliminate wasteful efforts pitched at being who and what you’re not meant to be…which then allows you to get closer to achieving maximum efficiency in the ways in which you do choose to devote your various energies in life. That way lies wellness…

Arrow In Flight AstrologyWith these notions in mind, I’ll be presenting a talk this coming Sunday (March 4, 2018) at the DiscoverYou Wellness Expo at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI, just south of Providence. I go on at 3:30pm to discuss “The Many Uses of Astrology,” during which talk I’ll cover some of the things that Astrology can do for you in addition to just looking at the road ahead.

This is a great annual event, too, jam-packed with wellness-oriented practitioners, presentations, and products, and I’ll be accessible at a vendor booth all day long outside of that talk, along with Divine Soul Coaching specialist and AIF partner, Jessica Lee. If you’re in the area, come out and say hi, and pick up some terrific tidbits on how Astrology can help you to claim greater self-knowledge, and ultimately, greater overall wellness.

Also: I’m currently accepting students who want to LEARN ASTROLOGY and clients who’d like to set up a CHART READING SESSION. I look forward to hearing from you!



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