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Yesterday – March 4, 2018 – I was honored to be included as an exhibitor and speaker at the DiscoverYou Wellness Expo in Warwick, RI, which is a city situated about a standing broad jump from Providence. It was a fantastic event, jam-packed with dozens of skilled, knowledgeable, friendly presenters focusing on all sorts of wellness-related modalities. The attendees were amazing, too: enthusiastic, open, and super-positive.

My talk was fun, but it did not go as planned. First, there was no cable on hand allowing me to connect my laptop with the projector that was provided to us…so no one got to be dazzled by the fab slideshow I’d put together to accompany my audio with some visuals. I tried holding up my computer to the audience, but I suspect it did not have quite the same impact as, say, the IMAX experience…

Astrology WellnessThen closer to the end of my stint on stage, the lights in the room suddenly decided to cycle through a pattern of dimming down to total darkness…and then brightening up to full-volume glare that edged into “sunglasses required” territory. A few people investigated this unlikely phenomenon while I plowed onward through the odd, indoor day/night effect, but no one ever came up with an explanation for what was happening with the lights, or why. The most popular theories were that a) it was ghosts, or that b) I, myself, emit some sort of chaos field. The jury remains out, deliberating… The talk still seemed to be pretty well-received, though, in spite of (or maybe because of…?) the tech issues.

Meanwhile, at the Arrow In Flight booth, we were raffling off a free astrological birth chart reading, and for fun, we decided to ask everyone entering the raffle to provide us with not only their names and email addresses, but also their Zodiac Sun Signs. Jessica and I both have analytical, detail-oriented Virgo marking our career realms, so it was nerdishly appealing to both of us to gather the data and then see which Signs sent us the most participants, versus which ones played hard to get.

The results have now been tallied, and here’s how everything shook out:



























As the chart makes clear, Scorpio won out, followed closely by Sagittarius, and then the Earth-y Signs of Taurus and Virgo tied for third place. Least-represented were Cancer, Leo, and Libra.

Overall, the Earth Signs accounted for the largest response, and then we saw the Water Signs, Fire Signs, and Air Signs show up in that order of decreasing vigor. It makes some sense that the Earth Signs might be drawn to a possible bargain more strongly than the other Elements’ Signs would! I’m now curious to try this exercise again, and maybe keep expanding the sample size to see if the trends grow more pronounced as we gather more data…

At any rate, it will be another year before the next iteration of the Expo rolls around, but in the meantime, you can always get a burst of Astrology in your diet by signing up for either a personalized CHART READING SESSION or by booking some PRIVATE LESSONS so that you can learn how to start reading charts for yourself!

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