Recognizing Meaning when Animal Spirits Visit…

Fox Spirit as metal sculpture

The Arrow In Flight blog focuses most often and most actively on Astrology, with Tarot taking Second Place honors…and a slew of other metaphysical topics follows. Offline, though, shamanism and its concepts loom very large, and AIF is especially fond of the spirit guide concept, including Spirit Animals…

Obviously, not every animal you see is one of your Spirit Animals, and not every animal sighting carries deep metaphysical significance. If you go to a kennel, then seeing dogs there is probably not an overwhelming burst of synchronicity — it’s kind of to be expected in that setting.

But seeing a pattern of references to the same animal, seeing animals in dreams, or seeing animals out and about roaming the world at random can all be indicators that the greater Spirit of that animal species is touching down into your life for a reason.

Example: last night, I went out for an evening stroll as the Sun was setting, and the Moon was materializing. I saw a family of four Deer, which kind of thing always cheers me…but Deer are also fairly common around here. I take these encounters as having spiritual meaning, but not quite to earth-shattering degrees.

site of my Fox Spirit sighting
The Fox was already gone by the time I got my phone out to document the encounter, but you can see the deep depression in the yard that the Fox disappeared into…

But then, as the Deer moved on into the woods, I got a text message on my phone. While replying, I heard a skittering sound coming from the yard I was standing in front of. This particular yard features a deep, natural depression, and the ground there is brimming with tall trees and a small forest of reeds (it’s cold here now, but this yard gets marshy in warm weather). After I finished my texting, I put the phone in my pocket, and looked around…

And I caught a fantastic sight of a Fox, silhouetted against the lights of the house beyond the depression in the yard. The Fox was in hunting mode, with its long, bushy tail stuck straight out behind it. Low and lean, it ran along the rim of the depression, and then disappeared down into it, all sleek and cool.

So why does this matter? To be honest, I have warm feelings for the Fox in general, but have never felt that it’s one of “my” animals, or that I’m one of its humans.

Fox Animal SpiritThen again, I’m making some big life decisions right about now, and this was only the third time in my entire life that I’ve seen a Fox running free in the world. The timing and the scarcity of similar sightings says to me that this was a very important moment.

There’s a lot of lore about the Fox drawn from across many different cultures. I’ll be surfing up more details over the weekend as my time permits. I take the encounter as a distinct Message to me from the Universe, and I want to decode it.

Meanwhile, I urge you to consider if you, too, receive Messages of this variety. Animal symbolism has tremendous power – just ask any sports team such as the Panthers, the Ravens, or the Sharks…

Fox Animal Spirit

2 thoughts on “Recognizing Meaning when Animal Spirits Visit…

  1. Fox is usually linked to diplomacy and negotiation. Deer I always associate with family – so I don’t know if the deer followed by fox means something to do with family but that might be something to examine. Looks like you’ll need to be on your toes!

    Also, what a STUNNING glimpse of the wild!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here — they gave me some great fodder for more contemplation on all of this! I associate the Fox with cleverness, magic, shapeshifting, and sometimes trickster-ism, so I’m analyzing all of that. Deer make me think of grace, speed, alertness, a gentle nature…and I can never help but think of Artemis, who is a personal favorite of mine in the ream of mythology. How this all ties in with my sighting is something I’m still banging my head against, but it’s a happy kind of head-banging… And the sighting really was an outstanding window into the world of the wild!

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