Tap into Your Subconscious Mind

Anima-Animus Automatic Drawing

Anima and animus…

These are concepts spotted and named for us by the mighty Carl Gustav Jung. They refer to what we can slightly oversimplify as our “inner feminine” (anima) and our “inner masculine” (animus). Society makes it difficult for someone who identifies and presents as male to accept, embrace, and have a healthy relationship with their anima…and on the flip-side, those who identify and present more as female may have a longer, harder road in trying to reach peace with their animus.

If the whole gender association thing chafes at you, you can replace “feminine/female” and “masculine/male” with “Yin” and “Yang,” respectively, and still pretty much get to the same place, concept-wise.

The big point here is that we miss out on a lot of healing, happiness, and self-love until we can successfully reclaim and integrate whichever of these two portions of our psyche we have issues with.

Anyway, the whole anima/animus thing popped into my head last night while I was meditating.  While still pretty tranced out, I drew this picture that you see here. The most interesting part of this whole experience for me was the fact that I did it mostly while drawing the left side of it with my left hand and the right side of it with my right…AT THE SAME TIME!

I highly recommend the occasional burst of drawing or writing with your “weak” hand — all kinds of fascinating and often helpful stuff shoots up to the surface when we step away from the more well-traveled neural pathways that allow our ego-selves to censor and control everything…

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