Arrow In Flight Is Bicoastal!

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This site has been quiet of late, without much in the way of fresh content or updates, and for that, we apologize…

But here’s the news on why there hasn’t been any news: Arrow In Flight has gone bicoastal!

I – Steve Seinberg – decided after three years back on the coast of my birth (i.e., the east coast), that I needed to return to the coast that I love the best (the west coast!). So toward that end, I’ve spent the last couple of months gearing up to relocate from Providence, RI to Los Angeles, CA, then making the long drive west and settling into the City of Angels.

I’ve now set up shop in my new home on the city’s west side, though, and will be concentrating mainly on Astrology (birth chart) readings.

Meanwhile, my AIF partner, the lovely Jessica Lee, remains for now in the Providence area, still dispensing wisdom via Soul Realignment ™ and Soul Blueprint Readings.

Check out one or both of us… We also study and practice multiple other disciplines – Tarot, Reiki, Meditation, Crystals, Shamanism, Numerology, Runes – so if there’s something you’d like to discuss with us that lies outside of what we’re currently treating as our primary areas of focus, feel free to drop either one of us a line via email:

We look forward to hearing from you, no matter where we (or you) may be in the material world at the time!

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