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By Steve Seinberg

So yesterday was my birthday. No, it’s cool, you don’t have to sing (just take note of the fact that there are now only 364 shopping days left until the next one!). Mostly I’m bringing it up so as to hold forth a bit about some fun Astrology-related things you can do on or around your own birthday, or the birthdays of people who mean something special to you…

Now, if you know anything about Astrology, you know that the primary document in the entire field – the birth chart – is entirely dependent on the facts of a given person’s birthday. That’s sort of the very definition of what a birth chart is: a snapshot of the sky taken at the moment of a person’s birth.

But you can also do a couple of additional Astro-things that can add some depth and food for thought to a birthday.

First, you can look for “Astro-twins.” That is, people and things that share your birthday. There are quite a few sites out there on the internet that will provide lists of these Astro-twins for free.

HERE’S ONE EXAMPLE (click me!).

You just punch your birthday into the search box on the home page there, and allow yourself an hour or three to sift through all the interesting little tidbits about things that happened throughout history on various iterations of the day you were born. The site provides things like notable historical events, and the births, deaths, and weddings of various famous people.

I was intrigued to find out that I not only share my birthday with a slew of mathematicians, composers, and modern-day actresses, but other entities that also came into being on October 28ths of yesteryear include the Statue of Liberty, the city of Berlin, the country of Czechoslovakia, and depending on whose version of the facts you approve of the most, Harvard University. Philosophy comes out relatively evenly with respect to my birthday, as Erasmus was born on my birthday in 1466 (exactly 500 years before me!), while John Locke exited the world on that day in 1704.

Anyway, this is an easy exercise you can try that yields tons of fascinating data!

Solar Return Chart Astrology
This is my Solar Return chart for this year – interesting times await!

Another birthday-related thing you can get into that’s more of a nuts-and-bolts astrological undertaking is the casting of what’s called a Solar Return chart. The idea is that from our point of view here on Planet Earth, it appears that the Sun revolves around us. Science has taught us that this is just an illusion, and we actually orbit our great central star, but “Sun orbits Earth” is what it looks like from the skin of our planet.

And every year, it appears that the Sun makes it back around to the exact point in the sky that it had occupied when we were born. This is the moment of the Solar Return. The Sun returns to the place it had inhabited when we debuted in the world.

Now, it’s important to remember that the birth chart is the overriding document in Astrology. It describes us and the likely trajectories of our lives while we go through the motions of our current Earth-walk, and it always will. Nothing changes the essence of the birth chart and what it says.

The Solar Return chart, though, slides a neat little overlay on top of what the birth chart says, and this overlay adds some new and unique info for the year ahead. So to put it another way, it never supersedes the birth chart or says “this, instead of that.” Instead, it adds some tone and color that’s more like, “this, in addition to that.”

My Solar Return chart for this year, for example, indicates that I’ll be starting new cycles not just in terms of my vitality and my ability to thrive (Sun functions), but also in my communication and rational thought arenas (I’m having a simultaneous Mercury Return!) and in my relationships (…and a Venus Return!). I also have the potential this year for a ton of growth (Jupiter, the Planet of growth and expansion is being activated in multiple ways for me) and for developments where my karma is concerned (the Lunar Nodes are all kinds of fired up in my latest Solar Return chart). Those are just a few of the highlights – I could drone on for many posts about what’s going on in any one chart – but these are pretty rich highlights!

So if your birthday (or the birthday of someone you care about) is looming, you might consider doing some Astro-twin research, and also running a Solar Return chart. They’re the gifts that keep on giving!

And not to turn this into a sales pitch, but I do offer SOLAR RETURN CHART INTERPRETATION…(just click the PayPal link there for a birth chart analysis session – same price – and drop me a line via email to tell me what you’re seeking, and we will make it happen for you!)…


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