Oracle of the Green Rose – the Cannabis Oracle Deck

Several years ago, I had the good fortune to meet Courtney Aura Freeman. I didn’t know at the time that she would become the CEO and all-around Force of Nature behind White Buffalo, a company dedicated to promoting positive cannabis awareness, and a healthy respect for the wellness of ourselves and our environment…I just knew that like me, she was into Tarot!

But fast forward to now, and Courtney is combining the love I knew she had (divination with cards) and the love I didn’t yet know she had (plant medicine and wellness), and at their intersection, she’s manifesting a work of genius: the world’s first-ever cannabis-themed oracle deck!

Behold: the Oracle of the Green Rose:

Oracle of the Green Rose Cannabis Divination Deck

This is one of those ideas that nobody thinks of until somebody thinks of it, and then everybody wonders why nobody had thought of it already, because it’s so obviously brilliant.

Check out THE INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN HERE, and consider backing the project.

You should also check out COURTNEY AURA FREEMAN and that company of hers I mentioned, WHITE BUFFALO. While you’re at it, FOLLOW COURTNEY ON INSTAGRAM, too.

Cannabis and cartomancy ( = divination via cards and card reading) – are these not two great tastes that taste great together?! You know you want in the ground floor, so go get busy. You can thank me later – just thank Courtney now by ponying up some backing for the deck!

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