Astrology in a nutshell

I sincerely believe that a lot of the world’s ills are due to the fact that a huge percentage of people don’t really understand their own basic natures. I’m offering birth chart analysis sessions in which we’ll use Astrology to address exactly this problem:

  • Who and what are you?
  • What do you, specifically, need from life so that you can grow and thrive?
  • What basic themes will tend to define your life?
  • What are your inherent strengths and weaknesses, your gifts and your challenges?

Want more info about Astrology, and about how you and I can work with it together to set you onto your true path? These pages might help:

Why Astrology?

What Is Astrology?

Work With Me  

And please take a look at the following short video, in which I illustrate exactly what the Planets mean in Astrology, and why we astrologers are not exactly saying that Mercury itself is messing with you when it goes retrograde, or that distant Saturn is trying to crush your soul during your Saturn Return periods every 29 years…