Astrology in a nutshell

As Above, So Below…

This is the governing principle of Astrology. The idea is that certain dramas play themselves out on all levels of existence at once. If we look at the dynamics occurring among the Planets on the celestial scale up above us…then we can hopefully collect some helpful clues about how the themes and concepts that they represent might be gearing up to manifest down here on the human scale.

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Nowhere does this principle make itself more evident than in the birth chart. On the one hand, this one-page diagram is just a simple snapshot of the sky taken at the moment of your birth…

But on the other hand, our birth-charts are profound documents that capture the essentials of our psyches.  Very often, we’re too close to ourselves to grasp the natures of some of our own drives and tendencies.  The goal in birth-chart analysis, then, is to use the positions of the Planets when you were born as markers for understanding your own core psychological traits. This will hopefully lead to a much greater understanding of self.  Rather than denying or fighting what you are, this approach should enable you to work harmoniously with your own innate “wiring” toward being a happier and more fulfilled version of you.

And Astrology doesn’t stop at the birth chart. We can also use certain predictive techniques to get a glimpse of the probabilities that will be drifting across the path up ahead. We can also gaze backwards, and see what your past life experiences may have been like. We can look around the present moment, too: Astrology is incredibly enlightening in analyzing your career make-up, for example, or comparing your chart with a partner’s to see what dynamics will naturally tend to pop up between you. We can even use Locational Astrology to evaluate which places around the globe might be welcoming for you, versus which might be neutral, or even a bit hostile…

All Astrology sessions are conducted in real time, either by in-person meeting in the Providence, RI area, or over the internet.

Sessions generally run about 90 minutes, and include copies of any charts that we look at. Recording your reading at no extra charge is also an option.

Astrology sessions cost $75 USD. Book yours now:

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Please take a look at the following short video, in which I illustrate exactly what the Planets mean in Astrology, and why we astrologers are not exactly saying that Mercury itself is messing with you when it goes retrograde, or that distant Saturn is trying to crush your soul during your Saturn Return periods every 29 years…

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