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Birth-Chart Interpretation.

Why do I keep making the same mistakes?
Why can’t I seem to find happiness?
What’s my true purpose in life?

Our birth-charts are basically documents that capture the essentials of our psyches.  Very often, we’re too close to ourselves to grasp the natures of some of our own drives and tendencies.  My goal in birth-chart analysis is to shine a light on your own core psychological traits, which will hopefully lead to greater understanding of self.  Rather than denying or fighting what you are, this approach should enable you to work harmoniously with your own innate “wiring” toward being a happier and more fulfilled version of you.

When you book a Birth-Chart Interpretation Reading with me, you’ll receive a copy of your chart in GIF form, along with a report that focuses mainly on the “Big Three” of Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, and that also captures any other primary factors and themes that characterize your chart.

Relationship Astrology

Will my new relationship last?
Why is this relationship always so difficult?
What do I truly need from a significant other?

Relationship Astrology can be extremely helpful in assessing basic potential compatibility between two people.  I approach this type of reading by first examining the placements of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the individual charts of each of the two involved parties.  Next, I run a Synastry chart for the duo, which examines how those two individual charts will fit together, and what kind of compatibility the two people in question seem likely to experience.  Synastry can be an extremely accurate diagnostic tool in determining where two people might naturally resonate well with each other, and also where they might tend to experience difficulties.

When you book a Relationship Astrology Reading with me, you’ll receive a copy of the birth-charts of each of the two people who are subjects of the reading, the bi-wheel Synastry chart that combines those two birth-charts into a single graphic, and a report that details the basics of each person’s essential individual make-up, along with descriptions of the ways in which various key personality traits of one party will interact with those of the other.

Evolutionary Astrology

Who was I in a past life?
How is my karma affecting me in this life?

This discipline focuses on issues flowing from a person’s karma and past life experiences. The underlying theory here is that each of us carries “ karmic wounds” with us through life, and whether you believe in literal past life experiences, or you take this analysis as more metaphorical, Evolutionary Astrology work can still be a fantastic aid in achieving real individuation and healing for yourself.  In this practice, we proceed with the idea that the Nodes of the Moon can be used to divulge information about who we may have been in one or more past lives, and what traumas we may have suffered then that still dog our steps in this lifetime.

When you book an Evolutionary Astrology Reading with me, you’ll receive a copy of your birth-chart, plus a report detailing my discoveries relating to your karmic experiences — both what you may have endured in the past, and what you might attempt to do in this life in order to process and heal that lingering karma.

All reports created for any of the above readings will always be written by me from scratch.  I never use canned language created ahead of time when I assemble my findings for you — all reports are completely personalized so as to be every bit as unique as you are yourself.

I find that the greatest satisfaction for both myself and my clients comes about when we can interact in real time. In addition to in-person readings, we can set up readings by Skype, FaceTime, or phone.  If a real-time interaction isn’t preferable for you, though, I’m also happy to simply generate a more extensive written report for you and send it to you, along with the relevant charts, via email.

For any of the above astrological readings, I charge $100.  I currently accept payments via PayPal.

Purchase an Astrology reading by 1) sending payment via PayPal below, and then 2) filling in the contact form to provide me with basic information about you, your birth data (city, date, and time of birth), and any specifics about what you’d like to explore in the reading:

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Please take a look at the following short video, in which I illustrate exactly what the Planets mean in Astrology, and why we astrologers are not exactly saying that Mercury itself is messing with you when it goes retrograde, or that distant Saturn is trying to crush your soul during your Saturn Return periods every 29 years…

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