Astrology in a nutshell

As Above, So Below…

That’s the governing principle of Astrology.

It’s the idea that certain dramas play themselves out on all levels of existence, all at the same time…

So if we look at the dynamics occurring among the Planets on the celestial scale up there above us…then we can hopefully see how the same themes and concepts will be playing out down here on the human scale around us.

Astrology promo
The birth chart of the great George Harrison… What do you suppose it says about “the spiritual Beatle”…?

This same principle is woven all throughout Astrology’s prime document: the birth chart.

On the one hand, this seemingly simple one-page diagram is just a snapshot of the sky taken at the moment of the chart-subject’s birth…

But then on the other hand, our birth charts are profound documents that capture the essentials of our psyches.  They can describe in great detail who and what we really are. And all the unwavering insights that they offer can be incredibly helpful, because a huge percentage of the time, we’re just too close to ourselves to really grasp our own true natures.

Understanding your birth chart, though, is like having a copy of the Owner’s Manual…for you.

I sincerely believe that a lot of the world’s ills are due to the fact that a huge percentage of people don’t really understand their own basic natures. I’m offering birth chart analysis sessions to address exactly this problem:

  • Who and what are you?
  • What do you, specifically, need from life so that you can grow and thrive?
  • What basic themes will tend to define your life?
  • What are your inherent strengths and weaknesses, your gifts and your challenges?


All Astrology sessions are conducted in real time, either by in-person meeting in the Los Angeles, CA area, or over the internet.

Sessions generally run about 90 minutes, and include copies of any charts that we look at. Recording your reading at no extra charge is also an option.

Astrology sessions cost $125 USD.  Book yours now:

Astrology: Birth Chart Analysis Reading

90-minute Astrology reading to help decipher your birth chart: the “wiring diagram of your soul.” Self-knowledge leads to greater wellness!


NOTE 1: If this fee isn’t manageable for you at this time, I’m open to hearing your story, and to discussing alternatives, such as payment plans, or a mutually agreeable exchange of services.

NOTE 2: I’m mainly focusing on birth chart analysis at this time. Then again, I’m also well-versed in predictive forms of Astrology (transits, progressions, solar arc directions, solar return charts), relationship-centric Astrology (synastry, composite charts), and locational Astrology (AstroCartography, relocation charts)…so if you’re interested in a session focusing on a different subset of Astrology, then please drop me a line to discuss:

And please take a look at the following short video, in which I illustrate exactly what the Planets mean in Astrology, and why we astrologers are not exactly saying that Mercury itself is messing with you when it goes retrograde, or that distant Saturn is trying to crush your soul during your Saturn Return periods every 29 years…

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