What Is Astrology?

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As Above, So Below…

That’s the governing principle of Astrology.

It’s the idea that certain dramas play themselves out on all levels of existence, all at the same time.

Consider how in our solar system, up on the celestial level, planets revolve around our sun…and then think about how in an atom, down there at the submicroscopic level, electrons revolve around a nucleus…

It’s virtually the exact same scenario. Outlying bodies orbit a larger central mass. The two scenarios are just unfolding at very different scales, that’s all.

So to an astrologer, the planets are symbols – they stand for certain powerful, invisible forces that are always at work in the Universe at every level, from the macro to the micro.

Astrology, then, basically looks at the dynamics occurring among the Planets “up there,” in order to get some idea as to how the forces that they symbolize will be playing out “down here.”