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I often say that your birth chart is like a wiring diagram of your soul, or the Owner’s Manual for yourself. And it’s true – that’s what a birth chart is. But wiring diagrams and Owner’s Manuals aren’t the easiest things to read even when they’re written in your own native language – and Astrology is written in a whole other language entirely.

But I can help you to translate what your birth chart is saying. I’ve been reading charts professionally for six years. I’m a converted skeptic. At first, I didn’t believe…but Astrology convinced me. There is something to it.

And I can serve as your decoder ring, helping you to decipher all sorts of powerful self-knowledge out of your chart…and I can do it in a way that will be very accessible and understandable.

All Astrology sessions are conducted in real time, either by in-person meeting in the Los Angeles area, or over the internet.

Sessions generally run about 90 minutes, and include copies of any charts that we look at. Recording your reading at no extra charge is also an option.

Astrology sessions cost $125 USD. Book yours now:

Astrology: Birth Chart Analysis Reading

90-minute Astrology reading to help decipher your birth chart: the “wiring diagram of your soul.” Self-knowledge leads to greater wellness!



PLEASE NOTE: I’m mainly focusing on birth chart analysis at this time. Then again, I’m also well-versed in predictive forms of Astrology (transits, progressions, solar arc directions, solar return charts), relationship-centric Astrology (synastry, composite charts), and locational Astrology (AstroCartography, relocation charts)…so if you’re interested in a session focusing on a different subset of Astrology, then please drop me a line to discuss: