Arrow In Flight Is Bicoastal!

This site has been quiet of late, without much in the way of fresh content or updates, and for that, we apologize… But here’s the news on why there hasn’t been any news: Arrow In Flight has gone bicoastal! I – Steve Seinberg – decided after three years back on the coast of my birth … More Arrow In Flight Is Bicoastal!

LIVE: Astrology As A Wellness Practice…

Because we humans generally experience time in very linear fashion, we’ve developed a fascination for the future. From our limited perspective, it seems that we remember the past, and we exist in the present…but the future? That’s a realm of experience that’s completely unknown to us, and that also happens to be bearing down on … More LIVE: Astrology As A Wellness Practice…

Test Your Intuition

So the brain-teaser written right there on that cyber-blackboard above is a problem that a professor of mine once gave to one of my business classes when I was in college. He was trying to make the point that even though the business world is an arena that’s slaved largely to logical, left-brain ways of … More Test Your Intuition

Find Your “ID Number”

By Steven Seinberg… It’s one of our core beliefs here at Arrow In Flight that increasing your self-knowledge is a fantastic pathway toward achieving greater overall wellness. Think about it: if you don’t pitch your efforts in life so as to be the person that you were truly meant to be, then you’ll experience all … More Find Your “ID Number”

Another Technique For Boosting Your Intuition

By Steven Seinberg… Happy New Year, everyone! It’s now 2018. I have good feelings about this particular year for multiple reasons…but one of these reasons is personal to me, and probably won’t be shared by too many of you out there. It might matter to you in a roundabout sort of way that could help … More Another Technique For Boosting Your Intuition