Halloween Graveyard Reading!

If you’re seeing this page now, I’m not sure how you found your way here, since I removed it from the menu…but this offer is officially concluded as of Oct. 27, 2016, due to the fact that I’ll be heading out of town on the 28th, and won’t return in time to do any more of these readings before Halloween has come and gone. If you’re interested in this reading beyond the Halloween season, though, please drop me a line at my CONTACT page, and we can work something out!

img_5720Not a hoax! Not a misleading scam! Not a bait-and-switch headline!

I will literally walk into a big local graveyard and do a reading for you while there that combines Tarot cards and Divination-via-tombstone!

As far as I can tell, this latter operation has no formal name, so just as the discoverer of a new celestial body gets to name it, I’m hereby claiming the opportunity to dub this divinatory art “sepulchromancy.” You heard it here first!

But the point is that it’s almost Halloween, so I’ve decided that we should all capitalize on the fact that I recently relocated to semi-haunted Providence, Rhode Island, former home of acclaimed horror-master, H.P. Lovecraft…and we should all also capitalize on the additional fact that I now live directly across the street from a rather sizable cemetery…

So here’s what the Halloween Graveyard Reading entails:

  1. You use the PayPal button below to send me the utterly reasonable yet also superstition-inducing amount of $13.00 USD.
  2. You drop me a quick email (find my address on my CONTACT page) with a single question for me to address in the reading.
  3. I take one of my scarier Tarot decks into the cemetery with me, and I pull one (1) single card to use in answering your question.
  4. I also then close my eyes, disorient myself, reopen my eyes, and take note of whatever jumps out at me from the first tombstone I fix on, be it a name, a date, a random-seeming bit of text, an animal sitting on that tombstone, dry leaves, or anything else. Whatever I spy in, on, or about that tombstone will add another layer of information and guidance as I address your question.
  5. While I’m still in the cemetery, I’ll take a picture of the card that I drew for you, and another one of the tombstone that I landed on for the reading.
  6. I’ll send you a write-up of my overall answer to your question, along with the photos of the card I drew and the tombstone that snagged my attention.

And that’s it – for the low, low price of $13 USD, I travel on your behalf into a necropolis – a city of the dead – and carry back arcane answers to your question so fresh from the Spirit World that they’ll still be dripping ectoplasm! Sign up for yours now:

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