cooperation allies metaphysical wellness holistic practitionersWe here at Arrow In Flight enjoy pointing the public toward people and businesses we admire. Here are some whose services and products we enthusiastically endorse (and the names are live links – click on them to visit the websites of these fine providers):

This is a website that serves as a resource for people suffering from mesothelioma and other forms of cancer. They collect up information that might be helpful and relevant in this context, and they devote space to the consideration of non-traditional forms of wellness treatments, including such energy healing modalities as Reiki.

Ascension NXT

This is a lovingly maintained metaphysical shop in the Providence, RI area. Owner Ashley V created Ascnesion NXT in order to provide a space where people can purchase their magickal supplies, and also receive services to help with healing and spiritual growth. The space serves as an eclectic and welcoming mix of different belief systems and modalities.

Chinese Energy Healing

Garz Chan is an energy healer whose vision is a planet full of psychic healing superheroes. Located in Culver City, CA, Garz draws from an impressive array of skills, knowledge, and modalities to help her clients move past blockages and step into their greatness.

Christina Galvez, Reiki Master

Christina is a veteran Reiki Master, life coach, and shamanic practitioner working in Los Angeles, California. Some of her specialties include Auric Cleansing, Soul Retrieval, and Chakra Balancing. Christina also offers attunements and teaching for those who wish to become Reiki practitioners.

Shabnam Hashemi

Shabnam is an energy healer, versed in both Eastern and Western medicine, and now focusing on a unique and powerful modality called SPIRIT LIGHT. She conducts her sessions by phone and Skype, so distance is no obstacle to working with her.

Healing Within

David Trauterman and Shannon Foley are a pair of wellness practitioners who bring a compassionate approach to a well-rounded set of healing modalities, including Reiki, yoga, meditation, psychology, and other energy work. Find them on the internet, and in beautiful Westport, MA.

Rachael McCaskill – Wellness Chef

Rachael is a private chef and a natural health enthusiast in the Providence, RI area. She has transformed her own health and wellbeing by adhering to a locally sourced, primal based diet…and she has tremendous wisdom and experience to share with others regarding food intake and overall wellness.

Native Traditions & Healings

Rosa Raya is a sound channel healer, speaker, teacher, and spiritual guide, working in southern California. She has helped many people over the past 17 years on their path to healing and self-discovery. With the help of spirit and guides, Rosa may incorporate prayer, ceremonies, herbs, crystals therapy, sound vibration, cupping, tuning fork therapy, and/or chanting into her healing sessions.

Urban Bliss Holistic Boutique

Urban Bliss offers a range of bodywork therapies, CBD treatments and products, and insightful readings using a deep, rich system called the Gene Keys. Located in the Providence, RI area, Urban Bliss also maintains a growing web presence…