Past Life Astrology Reading

Past Lives and Karma in Astrology
“Lost in Space” – Image by Dmytro Ivashchenko, Ukraine

Do you ever think about past lives, and whether you might have walked the Earth in another time and place?

Do you wonder what kind of person you may have been in a prior lifetime, and how your experiences there might impact the life you’re leading now?

A Past Life Astrology Reading can offer a tremendous amount of insight and guidance in these areas. Even if you don’t believe in literal reincarnation, these readings can still be extremely helpful in spotting some of the recurring and unhelpful behavior patterns that we put ourselves through.

Arrow In Flight Astrology ReportFor $60 USD, you’ll receive:

  • Past life analysis based on your South Lunar Node – this is where we look at who you might have been in a former life, and what happened to you then that could be affecting your ability to live your fullest life now
  • North Node analysis to offer clues about your karmic path forward – this is your own birth chart’s advice on how to break out of these unhelpful patterns and begin to evolve as you came here to do
  • A written summary sheet capturing all of the various symbols – Planets, Signs, and Houses – most intimately tied up with your karma in this life
  • A 30-minute live session with me during which we’ll discuss the karmic imprint in your chart – you’ll have opportunity to ask any specific questions you may have, and when we’re finished, I’ll provide you with a recording of the session at no extra cost so you can consult it again and again at your convenience

Book your Past Life Astrology Reading! Find out who you were there and then so you can do your best work here and now:
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