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Metaphysical Instruction Astrology Tarot Lessons

Private Lessons

    • Would you like to learn Astrology or Tarot, but in ways that go beyond simply memorizing and then regurgitating the standard meanings of the various symbols?
    • Do you learn better through real-time instruction than you do with a static book or website?
    • Would you prefer a live teacher who can tailor lessons to your own unique needs, over a recorded instructor who can’t?
    • Would you benefit from receiving a video recording of a live lesson that you can then play again and again whenever you feel like revisiting the session?

Metaphysical Instruction Astrology Tarot LessonsPrivate lessons with me may be exactly what you need.  Just as you might hire a guitarist to teach you how to play guitar, or engage a fitness trainer to get you into outstanding shape, you can work with me in a private, one on one setting to build your knowledge and skill with Astrology or Tarot in a fun and efficient way.  I have a gift for making these sometimes intimidating subjects understandable.  You’ll learn what you want to learn, and you’ll learn it well.  My aim is to help you get to a place of happiness and confidence in your own metaphysical practice.

Please consider taking advantage of the introductory consultation session that I offer.  This is a low-pressure, informal 30-minute conversation via phone or internet, during which we’ll discuss what your interests are with respect to Astrology or Tarot, what your experience level is, and what you might like to get out of working with me.  I’ll be able to offer plenty of ideas on how you might best reach your goals, and if you then feel that you’d like to proceed with me, we can discuss setting up one or more private lessons.

The introductory consultation is only $20 USD for the 30-minute discussion:

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When you feel ready to book private instruction with me, I offer hour-long lessons.

A 60-minute lesson is $50 USD:
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Your instructor, doing a bit of research abroad…

I also offer the opportunity to purchase a block of six lessons in advance at a discounted price.  If you elect to take me up on this offer, you basically get six private lessons for the price of five.

A prepaid block of six 60-minute lessons costs $250 USD:
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If you live near me, lessons can take place in person. Otherwise, all private lessons are conducted via the internet, using a webinar service I subscribe to called AnyMeeting.  For you, the experience will feel similar to Skype or FaceTime, but AnyMeeting will allow me to record sessions, and then provide you with MP4 files containing these recordings. You can then return to them as needed whenever you like.  You won’t have to download anything, subscribe to anything, or pay additional fees on your end in order for us to meet through the AnyMeeting portal (although AnyMeeting does not work well with Safari, so you’ll need to use Chrome or Firefox as your browser for these sessions).

When you feel ready to book a consultation or lesson with me, please send payment using the appropriate PayPal button above, and then contact me by email or phone to schedule your session.  I’m looking forward to working with you!