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You have questions…

  • Why is romance so frustrating?
  • What’s your true spiritual path, your purpose?
  • Why are you so blocked in your creativity?
  • Why is your career not what you want it to be?

Personalized readings with us can help you to find helpful answers to all of these questions and more. 

self-knowledge psychology Astrology TarotA reading with either one of us can be a superb gateway to self-knowledge and empowerment.  We’ll peer into your own unique psychic wiring, better understanding just what it is that makes you…you.  We can also extend our antennae and see what probabilities and trends might be headed your way.  Armed with this information, you’ll be far better equipped to make smart, transformative choices for yourself that will serve who you’re truly meant to be.

We’ve studied quite a few different metaphysical systems, all of which can be used for probing into the psyche. In some ways, the Arrow In Flight viewpoint says that disciplines such as ASTROLOGY and TAROT are a lot like especially complex versions of psychology’s classic inkblot tests. Together, we can use these systems to try to ask some helpful questions, and to hopefully even shake loose some practical answers.

You can browse through our TESTIMONIALS page to see how our readings have helped other people who had questions just like yours.

Follow these links to our ASTROLOGY and TAROT pages to learn more about each, and to book your own personalized reading now…or if you’d like to explore a new and exciting alternative, our own Jessica Lee now offers SOUL REALIGNMENT™ sessions!

We look forward to working with you!