You have questions…

  • Why is romance so frustrating?
  • What’s your true spiritual path, your purpose?
  • Why are you so blocked in your creativity?
  • Why is your career not what you want it to be?

Personalized readings with me can help you to find helpful answers to all of these questions and more.  I’ve gazed out at the Universe through the lens of Astrology for years now, and I have multiple tools at my disposal that I can use for your benefit.

A reading with me can be a superb gateway to self-knowledge and empowerment.  We’ll peer into your own unique psychic wiring, better understanding just what it is that makes you…you.  We can also extend our antennae and see what probabilities and trends might be headed your way.  And then armed with this information, you’ll be far better equipped to make smart, transformative choices for yourself that will serve who you’re truly meant to be.

You can browse through my TESTIMONIALS page to see how my readings have helped other people who had questions just like yours.

I’m currently offering readings that run for a minimum of one hour (and often drift toward the 90-minute mark).

A 60-minute reading with me is $75 USD:

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Please feel free to CONTACT me with any questions.  If you’re ready to book a personalized reading with me, you can click on the button above, send payment via PayPal, and then write me an email so we can schedule the appointment. If you don’t have PayPal, or if you have questions, you can skip straight to the “write me an email” part…

I look forward to working with you!