Reiki is an energy-based modality used to heal and harmonize the fundamental aspects of a person’s being: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Reiki can offer up a vast array of positive results, including improvements to a recipient’s physical health, augmented sleep, boosted confidence, increased energy, a reduction of general stress and anxiety, and the release of addictions and other harmful psychological and behavioral patterns.

I’ve been exploring Reiki for six years now, and I attained the level of Reiki Master in February of 2014.  I practice the Usui Method, developed by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan.

I offer in-person Reiki healing sessions, and if you’re interested in becoming a practitioner yourself, I also teach the modality, and I offer the attunements necessary to advance along your own Reiki path.

For a 45-minute healing session (which includes additional pre- and post-session time on either side of the treatment, allowing you to ease into and out of the relaxed Reiki-receptive state), I charge $65:

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For teaching and attuning you so that you can make the jump to practicing Reiki at Level 1, Level 2, or the Master Level, I currently charge $125:

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