Reiki is an energy-based modality used to heal and harmonize the fundamental aspects of a person’s being: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Reiki can offer up a vast array of positive results, including improved physical health, increased energy, a reduction of general stress and anxiety, help with sleep issues, boosted confidence and intuition, and the release of addictions and other harmful psychological and behavioral patterns.

Jessica Lee Reiki Master Soul Realignment

Jessica Lee. “I was first introduced to Reiki in early 2016. I realized right away that being an energy worker was what I was meant to do. I was instantly drawn to learning more about this wonderful healing modality and in May of 2017, was attuned to Reiki Master. I practice Reiki every day on myself and work with clients to help them heal from emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and physical pain, and I also use it to help them balance their lives. My intuitive gifts have helped me tremendously in this healing work as Reiki opens up a door for me to instinctively know what may be troubling a client and what needs attention. I love being a healer and find it immensely gratifying to be able to help others on a spiritual level. Running our monthly Reiki Shares helps to give the community a chance to learn more about what Reiki is and how it can benefit their lives in a positive way, which is truly a gift.”

astrology teacher tarot teacher steve seinberg arrow in flightSteven Seinberg. “I first encountered Reiki six years ago while living in Los Angeles. I was curious about it, but semi-skeptical until I experienced a private session for myself. It was so relaxing and so helpful for me in exploring all my other metaphysical interests that I was immediately hooked. I’m now a Reiki Master, and have since moved to Providence, RI, where I have my own practice. I love introducing people to Reiki, and I find that it combines really well with other wellness practices such as meditation and yoga.”

We offer in-person Reiki healing sessions, and if you’re interested in becoming a practitioner yourself, we also teach the modality, and we offer the attunements necessary to advance you along your own Reiki path.

For a 45-minute healing session with either one of us, we charge $75:
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Joint healing sessions with both Jessica and Steven are now available – these sessions are $100:
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We also offer distance healing sessions for those not able to travel to us – this provides the same benefits as in-person sessions. Distance healing sessions run for 45 minutes and also include a follow-up email or phone call, all for only $33:
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For teaching and attunements, so that you can make the jump to practicing Reiki at Level 1, Level 2, or the Master Level, email us at our CONTACT page for pricing.

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