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The Elder Futhark Runes make up an ancient alphabet of 24 actual letters that were once used by the Germanic tribespeople of Northern Europe as the basis for their written language.  In addition to enabling straightforward written communication, however, the Runes also served as tools for use in divination and in magical rituals. Today, many modern Rune enthusiasts use the Elder Futhark very much like their peers use Tarot cards: for psychological insight, and for intuitive probing into important questions that can’t always be answered through more scientific, linear, logic-based pathways.

What forces are at work in my life right now?
What do I most need to know about this situation that I’m currently facing?

I first encountered the Runes through a childhood fascination with Norse Mythology. I’ve engaged in serious, devoted Rune work on a daily basis for four years now, and I find the Runes to be a terrific alternative to Tarot, especially for those who are drawn to pure symbols rather than more elaborate imagery. I use Runes carved into wooden tiles, and to answer your questions, I cast them onto a reading cloth, and examine the resulting scatter of them for various attributes.

I find that the greatest satisfaction for both myself and my clients comes about when we can interact in real time. If in-person meetings won’t be possible for you, we can also set up readings by Skype, FaceTime, or phone.  If you’d prefer to handle everything entirely by e-mail, please contact me to inquire about logistics and pricing.

For all of the above real-time readings I charge $40 for a half-hour reading, or $75 for a full hour (longer sessions can be arranged by request). I currently accept payments made in cash or via PayPal.

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