Soul Realignment™ Reading

Soul Realignment Akashic Records Soul OriginationSoul Realignment™ is a healing modality that allows me – Jessica Lee – to perform an in-depth reading of your Soul by accessing your personal Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are essentially a database located in the 5th dimension that catalogs every single thought, feeling, emotion, action, and experience for every soul that has ever existed. This database is similar to our 3rd dimensional internet. As a Soul Realignment™ practitioner, I am attuned to read these records and uncover for you your Soul’s true nature.

A reading will include the following:

  • Soul Profile – This includes what energy center(s) you resonate with, where your Soul originated, which periods of history and mystery schools your Soul has had positive experiences in.
  • We uncover what your Divine gifts are that you came here to share with the world
  • What feeds your Soul and makes you feel fulfilled
  • What blocks and restrictions are causing you to make choices that are negative in nature and which lead you down the wrong path in life
  • Soul stories from past lives and the choices you made that create issues in your current life

Soul Realignment Akashic Records Soul OriginationSoul Realignment™ provides valuable insight to the client about who they are at the soul level and how they can uncover their Divine gifts. Soul Realignment practitioners get to the root causes behind clients’ continuous negative thought patterns, behaviors, and blocks. We clear the negative blocks so the light of the soul can shine as brightly as it was intended to without limitation. When blocks and restrictions are cleared by the Soul Realignment Practitioner, a shift takes place within the client as the soul begins to realign with its point of origin.

Once the Soul issues are uncovered, we work together to clear and heal, allowing you to connect with your Divine nature and move through life with ease and fluidity, rather than through struggle and resistance. Manifesting can become easier, and negative situations in your life can begin to fade away. Life is about enjoying every moment and seeing through the eyes of the Divine being that you are.

Soul Realignment™ Readings are $125.00 and include the following:

  • 15-20 page report of your Soul’s Blueprint and blocks and restrictions
  • 21-Day homework
  • Soul Restoration Invocation
  • Half-Hour Follow up phone call
  • 3-Card Tarot Pull

Soul Realignment™ Reading

Invaluable self-discovery by way of the Akashic Records: learn about your Divine gifts, your blocks and restrictions, your past lives...and then learn how to use that knowledge to make positive progress along your true path.