Astrology Synastry


Synastry is a fantastic way to examine the connection between any two people. By lining up their individual birth charts, it’s possible to get a tremendous amount of information about how they might naturally tend to interact, and what the strengths and weaknesses of their bond might be. Synastry can highlight the gifts that a relationship might feature, as well as the challenges that may loom the largest in it.

Readings of this variety are usually priced at $100 USD, but for the duration of this Synastry Special, we’re making them available for 15% OFF!

This means that for ONLY $85 USD, you’ll receive:

  • a 90-minute live session, during which you’ll learn about all of the primary dynamics that are likely to characterize this connection, and in which you’ll be granted plenty of opportunity to ask any questions that you may have
  • a recording of the session provided to you at no extra cost, so you can revisit it at any time after the session has taken place
  • copies of the birth charts of both individuals who make up the pairing that’s being examined
  • the synastry chart that incorporates all of the information from both of those individual birth charts

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