Soul Blueprint Reading

Soul Blueprint Akashic Records


Soul Blueprint Reading is a reading of who you are on the Soul level: what your Soul personality traits are and how you express your Divinity.

Work with Soul Realignment™ practitioner Jessica Lee to uncover the following:
  • Which of the 8 energy centers you resonate with the most
  • What star system your Soul originated in for the first time
  • What your Soul’s vibration rate is
  • In which periods of history your Soul expressed itself the most positively
  • What mystery schools/religions does your Soul recognize its truth and wisdom in the most
  • How many spirit guides are on your team
This reading reconnects you to your Soul so you can utilize your Divine gifts in the physical world to manifest abundance.

Readings of this variety are usually priced at $49 USD, but for the duration of this Special, we’re making them available for only $33 USD!

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