Another Technique For Boosting Your Intuition

By Steven Seinberg… Happy New Year, everyone! It’s now 2018. I have good feelings about this particular year for multiple reasons…but one of these reasons is personal to me, and probably won’t be shared by too many of you out there. It might matter to you in a roundabout sort of way that could help … More Another Technique For Boosting Your Intuition

How to do a Rune Reading — Part 10

We’re definitely in the homestretch-phase of the Rune reading process.  We’ve looked at the size and shape of the Rune-cast, examined all of the Runes individually (both the ones that landed face-up and the ones that ended up face-down), analyzed the ways in which their meanings joined up to form a whole, studied the orientations … More How to do a Rune Reading — Part 10


I haven’t been shy about discussing my birthday of late, it seems.  This isn’t due to rampant egocentrism, and it’s also not meant as a huge scattering of hints that everyone should begin shopping now for when the big event next rolls around again, toward the homestretch of 2014 — it’s just been coming up … More Anagram-Birthday!