Cobra Jasper

IMG_4381The Jasper Journal, cont.  Today’s entry: on sleeping with Cobra Jasper under my pillow…

The other day, when I dug out all of my Jasper stones from storage, I wanted to pull a card for each variety, to explain a bit about what each one would represent for me.  While I was shuffling, the Moon card fell out.  For me, The Moon stands for things like the subconscious, dreams, and mysticism.  The booklet for this deck, which has a lot of its own meanings that deviate from the traditional, says this particular Moon is about “Magic, Spirituality, Surprises, and a Positive Female Figure.”  I assumed the card popped out in order to tell me that this would apply to Jasper for me in general, regardless of variety.  Cool enough.

I replaced the card, and kept shuffling, then drew a card for each individual type of Jasper.  When I got to Cobra Jasper…The Moon appeared again.  I figured this would suggest some especially intense and mind-bend-y experiences with it!  Maybe dreams about Snakes the size of the Anaconda that I got to drape over myself like the world’s largest necklace when I was in Peru last year.

But I didn’t dream about Snakes this time, or about animals of any kind, really.  It was a fairly simple dream.  In it, I was being ushered someplace by one of those dream-people that don’t exist in the waking world, but who I know in the dreams.  This person was excited to be explaining to me how the locals were doing this kind of ceremony to honor and celebrate a couple of the trees that lived on the grounds of their campus or estate or whatever it was.

We went through some kind of archway structure, and the two trees in question were then rising up above us, enormous, maybe a couple of stories high.  Their trunks were this rich brown color, and you could almost feel all the texture just by looking at it.  Higher up, they were bursting with green leaves, and even though the trees grew up out of the ground one to either side of the rather wide pathway we were on, up top, their branches had grown toward each other, and intertwined…sort of like the tree version of holding hands.  There were people around us kind of chanting and just beaming love and appreciation at these two grand old trees (Ash trees, I think?), and I could actually feel joy radiating from the trees, who were happy that the quick little humans were forcing themselves to slow down enough to do this for them.

So, no animals, but the trees were really sweet.


IMG_4349So I’ve put up several posts in recent days about Leopardskin Jasper, and how it seems to promote animal-themed dreaming for me whenever I sleep with a piece of it underneath my pillow.

Last night, I managed to dig out the rest of my Jasper holdings, exiled to the bottom of a box for the last few months after I moved to a new location.  I want to do some fact-gathering as to what, if any, types of dreams each different variety of Jasper might inspire in me if I do that same piece-under-pillow trick.

Here’s my stash: Leopardskin Jasper, the similar yet not exactly the same Leopardite, Red Jasper, Cobra Jasper, Dragon Jasper, Yellow Jasper, and the fabulously named Mookaite Jasper.  There are at least a dozen others out there that you can research if you like.

Reports to follow!

Moose Dream…

IMG_4329Recently I posted about how I keep having animal-related dreams whenever I put a piece of Leopardskin Jasper under my pillow, and I’ve received some requests asking me to log updates here if it happens again…

So after giving the Jasper a couple of nights off, I tried it again last night. I didn’t do anything special with it — I just watched a bunch of crap TV and then hit the hay. And yet…animal dream!

So in this dream, I was driving a couple of people somewhere. We were entering this traffic circle in a woodsy area, and I was suddenly kind of awed to see this absolutely gigantic Moose standing on a modest rise just off the road. It was just standing there watching us, totally calm. In the dream, I knew that it was a male, despite the fact that he had no antlers. This is actually consistent with current conditions, though. I’ve been studying the local Deer population, and all of these types of creatures seem to shed their antlers as the cold months set in, and then they regrow them in the Spring.

The really interesting thing was that as we approached the Moose, the people in my car couldn’t see him…even though he was way larger than even a real Moose would be. This thing was more like…elephant-size. I stopped the car, and only after we got out did the other people sort of see the big beast, and even then, they were like, “Wow, good eye, Steve!” And I was all, “Good eye? It’s bigger than some of the apartments I’ve rented!”

Moose, by the way, while an outstanding creature, is not one I’ve ever felt any special personal connection with before, and is also not one that’s been on my radar lately in the slightest, so…  Leopardskin Jasper strikes again!

Leopardskin Jasper and Animal Spirits…

IMG_4276I just got this stone a couple of days ago. It’s called Leopardskin Jasper, and it’s said to be very shamanic in nature, and especially connected with animal energies (I posted about this stone once before, nearly two years ago). I have a few pieces, currently packed away in a box somewhere, and I will tell you straight out that while I haven’t tried this often, whenever I’ve slept with a piece under my pillow, I’ve had dreams about animals almost every single time.

So last night, I tried that trick again with this new piece…

…and I dreamed that I was in a house with my mom. In the dream, she took me into the living room, and there were a bunch of wild birds on the carpet, eating seeds. This didn’t seem to faze her in the slightest. What did throw her, though, was the fact that there was also a squirrel among them. For some reason, this struck her as weird, although having a bunch of wild sparrows in the house did not.

As we took stock, the squirrel broke off, scampered over to me, and hopped up on my leg to be pet like a dog or a cat might do. It was too cute – what could I do but pet it?

I know, this is a squirrel, not some great jungle beast. But still! And now, as I write this, there’s a family of four Deer out on the lawn, and they’ve been there for almost 45 minutes now. This is the longest visitation by them ever, by far! So maybe the Leopardskin Jasper is just a rock, and has nothing to do with animals or Animal Spirits, I don’t know. And it may well mean very different things in your experience of the world than it means in mine. But I think I may continue to do this stone-under-the-pillow thing a bit more, because even if it wasn’t the stone that gave me these animal dreams and experiences, maybe it gave me enough of a placebo effect that I made it happen because I believed it could? And either way…I wouldn’t mind petting a squirrel again or having Deer make camp just outside the window…

And a final update: the Deer conclave topped out at no less than eleven (11) of the graceful creatures milling about outside the windows here before they finally disappeared into the woods!  That’s a new record…

Tarot at Sunrise…

IMG_4235Yesterday, something caused me to wake up just in time to see this pre-sunrise sky-show. Immediately after I made my way to the window to take this shot…an enormous Owl flew by, presumably heading off to bed. It looked large enough to carry off small automobiles if it got the urge…

I decided to ask for a message, not just for myself, but for anyone who might read this post. And remember: the Owl is a symbol of great Wisdom!! …So I pulled a few cards from the Tarot of the Origins. It’s pretty different from the standard decks (RWS, Thoth, TdM). Boiled down, this three-card draw is saying that if you’re willing to sacrifice something that you’ve been clinging to from out of your past, this will pave the way for great transformation and healing, and connection with Source… So do with *that* what you will!



The Unforeseen Dangers of Renaming Suits in Tarot

IMG_4223When you start collecting Tarot decks, you quickly realize that some deck creators like to get all jazzy with their nomenclature. Some will rename the Majors or the Court Cards. Some rename the Aces. And lots of them will rename the Suits.

And this can be totally cool…even if it means that you have to put in a bit of time and effort so as to relax your death-grip on the terminology that you’d learned first.

But then sometimes there’s an added degree of difficulty… Like here. My sister loaned me her copy of the Wooden Tarot. And it’s all stark and eerie, which I like. But the Suits are all renamed from traditional designations. For instance, the Earth Element Suit is called Bones. But I also really like this other deck called the Shaman Tarot, and that deck also has a Suit called Bones…only there, Bones = Fire, not Earth. So this morning, I’m wrapping an Ace Bandage around my brain, and trying to explore the Wooden Tarot a bit more. Has this ever happened to you??!

Cards That Speak of Challenge…

IMG_4210Today I was awakened before dawn by the insistent chirping of a smoke detector crying out for a fresh battery. I tossed my sister’s place where I’m housesitting, but found only other batteries of incompatible size. It was 56F…inside the house. I decided to go outside and bury the wheedling contraption in the yard so I could go back to sleep, but the ground was frozen (sidenote: I’m kidding – I’m not going out before dawn to take up a shovel…).

But anyway, in the midst of all that, I flashed on the Tarot 7’s, because they all have to do with challenges and facing adversity in its various forms, and also because I spent a few hours last night formatting part of the Workbook for the Tarot Toolkit online course, so this stuff was all over my cerebrum.

But anyway, which cards do you associate with challenges, difficulties, and trying to find grace under pressure…?