Explaining the Name “Arrow In Flight”

By Steven Seinberg… Every once in a while – although to be fair, not all that often – but every once in a while, somebody will ask me what “Arrow In Flight” means. And then of that relatively small group of people, most of them will assume it has something to do with Sagittarius, what … More Explaining the Name “Arrow In Flight”

Wounded healers, Part II: Chiron

So yesterday I held forth a bit on the connection I perceive that links the astrological province of Chiron, the “centaur” (sort of a comet/asteroid hybrid), with the shamanistic procedure called soul retrieval.  Dealing with Chiron-centric issues and going through soul retrieval both involve searching out our deepest, most spiritual wounds, and then attempting to … More Wounded healers, Part II: Chiron

Here Comes The Sun!

Happy Summer Solstice, everyone!! Due to astronomical peculiarities, the point during which our beloved, life-giving Sun reached its northernmost point in the sky occurred early this morning, while it was still technically nighttime here in the Northern Hemisphere…which means that yesterday and today will end up being about equal in terms of amount of daylight, … More Here Comes The Sun!