Tarot: Majors Above and Minors Below

I was making coffee earlier, and because coffee makes magic things happen, I was suddenly struck with this analogy from nowhere, explaining how Major and Minor cards in Tarot relate to each other overall.  Try this on for size: In many bodies of classical mythology, you have your humans living on the mortal plane, and … More Tarot: Majors Above and Minors Below

How to do a Rune Reading — Part 9

So the topic for this post is the Aettir. What, you may be asking, is an Aettir??  And that would be a perfectly legitimate question.  The first part of the answer is that Aettir is actually a plural word…so the question would more accurately be “What are Aettir?”  The singular is “Aett,” by the way, for future … More How to do a Rune Reading — Part 9

How to do a Rune Reading — Part 4

To briefly summarize where we stand, as we enter this fourth post on how to conduct Rune readings: in analyzing this example scatter of Runes, I talked about how I like to take in the number of Runes that I end up using, how they might have distributed themselves after I tossed them onto the landing … More How to do a Rune Reading — Part 4

Skadi, the Skier…

Not too long ago, I lodged a post here about the (in my humble opinion) under-valued Norse God, Tyr. Even more recently than that, I issued a post that, among other things, spoke about the Rune, Isa, that literally means “Ice,” and which can signify things like delays, blockages, and interference, along with more literal … More Skadi, the Skier…