Blood Moon/SuperMoon Eclipse

Hopefully, you all got to drink in the sublime sky-show that we were privileged to see this evening…  This was the first time during one of these so-called Blood Moon events that the Moon did actually look to be tinged with red from where I was watching.  It was really something to behold… And if … More Blood Moon/SuperMoon Eclipse

Astrology 101: The Planets (in General)

Astrology is one complex field, no question about it. Not only is it bristling with all manner of symbols to keep track of – Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects, Points – but not a single one of these symbols is cooperative enough to have just one single meaning. Instead, each one is more of an overall … More Astrology 101: The Planets (in General)

Astrology 101: Planetary Orbital Periods

As any astronomer will tell you, Astronomy and Astrology are not interchangeable concepts. Astronomy is the study of the physical universe on the celestial scale – it deals with space, and all of the bits of matter that populate it. Astrology, to contrast the two, takes the stuff of Astronomy, and uses it as a … More Astrology 101: Planetary Orbital Periods

Blood Moon: October, 2014

As many of you know, we here on Earth enjoyed a Lunar Eclipse last night.  This one was extra-special, because conditions were such that if you were fortunate enough to see this phenomenon in all its glory, you would supposedly see the great, big, lovely full Moon essentially turn blood-red.  Like this: I’m using someone … More Blood Moon: October, 2014

Very unexpectedly: Jupiter!!

I’d like to keep this post on the briefer side today if I can, as I’m still battling a fairly whopping case of strep throat, and I didn’t sleep much last night because of it…but that lack of sleep also gives rise to the subject of this post — Jupiter! — so it can’t be … More Very unexpectedly: Jupiter!!