“We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…”

Ever since I moved to the Silver Lake area in Los Angeles late last summer, I’ve enjoyed watching the various representatives of the local wildlife go on about their respective bits of business.  I greatly miss the large Raven population in my former West Hollywood ‘hood, but there have been some compensating positive additions here … More “We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…”

Clan of the Hawk…?

As I write this, my uncle — my mom’s older brother — and his bride are out here on the west coast, trekking down the length of this great state of California as they pursue a string of family-related activities.  They started way up north in Chico, and as they made the long automotive pilgrimage … More Clan of the Hawk…?

“What a dream I had…”

Last night, I had this tremendous dream. In it, I was sitting somewhere outdoors, maybe on a bench in a park, and I was having some kind of meeting with someone.  As he was speaking, I looked up to see this adorable little cat – a kitten, really – in the trees high above us, … More “What a dream I had…”