I haven’t been shy about discussing my birthday of late, it seems.  This isn’t due to rampant egocentrism, and it’s also not meant as a huge scattering of hints that everyone should begin shopping now for when the big event next rolls around again, toward the homestretch of 2014 — it’s just been coming up … More Anagram-Birthday!

Preemptive strike…

A lot tends to happen in my neck of the woods when late October rolls around. For one thing, there’s Halloween… For another thing, probably less important to the world on the whole than All Hallow’s Eve, but still pretty big in my own personal hierarchy of Autumn events: my birthday!  The big occasion is … More Preemptive strike…

Happy Birthday, Nanny Bert!

If she were still with us, my maternal grandmother would be turning 101 today.  Her name was Bertha — not a name they trot out so often anymore, and in a weird way, I like to think that maybe the collective unconscious, or the Universe itself, is in the process of retiring it, in much … More Happy Birthday, Nanny Bert!

“Happy Octave-Day to You…”

I’m going to a double-birthday party today.  That is, two little girls of my acquaintance — cousins to each other — share the same birthday, and the party today is a combination affair put on to celebrate both. A birthday, as we all know, is that occasion when good old Planet Earth — the orb … More “Happy Octave-Day to You…”