Tarot Card Meanings: The Chariot

Today, the website’s TAROT CARD MEANINGS section sees the addition of its very own motor pool, as The Chariot screeches onto the playing field! From the Bible to the Bhagavad Gita…from the Batmobile to Stephen King’s Christine…there’s no shortage of evidence supporting the notion that Chariots are some pretty high-impact constructs. But what exactly does the … More Tarot Card Meanings: The Chariot

Pairing Tarot Cards By Using Astrology

Over a century ago, there was this group of mystics in England who called themselves the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (often shorthanded by us modern types into just the “Golden Dawn” or even the “GD”). Their work still pervades almost every corner of present-day Tarot, and one of the more interesting things that … More Pairing Tarot Cards By Using Astrology

Tarot Tip: Conjure Card Energies!

My day was devoted to the first leg of one long-ass drive today. Day 2 tomorrow will see me tackling the back stretch of it. Before I left home, I decided to sit and stare at a version of the Chariot card, just to try to coax in some good travel vibes. As you may … More Tarot Tip: Conjure Card Energies!

Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Chariot

When you talk about The Chariot in Tarot, the first proposed astrological association you’re likely to hear will be the Sign of Cancer. As with any of these suggested linkages, there are pros, and there are cons. The Pros. Both symbols describe a vulnerable character surrounded by an armored shell. A human charioteer inside a … More Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Chariot

Tarot in the “Real World”

So last night was the last class session for this round of the Tarot Toolkit online course that I’ve been co-teaching with Vickie Wilson of Eternal Athena Tarot. One of our final pieces of advice to the group was that you can deepen your relationship with Tarot by looking for its themes and archetypes out … More Tarot in the “Real World”

Sweet Chariot…

Studying Tarot can be like gazing into a fractal: the deeper you peer into it, the more it just goes right on opening up new facets of itself like an infinite flower… Case in point: the Chariot card. I’ve generally thought of this card as signifying things like willpower, struggle, combat, travel, armor, and whole … More Sweet Chariot…

Happy Scorpio wishes!

Occult symbolism, once you start to look for it, can seem to pervade the world around you kind of relentlessly, but also with startling accuracy.  For example, right now, as we speak (or…as I write this, anyway…), the Sun above us prepares to move into my own personal Sun Sign of Scorpio…. The Tarot card … More Happy Scorpio wishes!

Your Chariot awaits…

Recently, I put up a post here about synchronicity, and how I believe that when certain things seem to get referenced repeatedly in our vicinity within a fairly brief period of time by seemingly unrelated sources, this can be taken as some kind of message to us from the Universe… So this happened to me … More Your Chariot awaits…