Astrology Forecast: Week of July 3 – 9, 2017

Take a gander at a few highlights drawn from the overall menu of Astro-events that will be coming our way this week… Mercury remains a busy little messenger-Planet, Chiron contacts offer opportunities for healing, and late in the week, we have both a Full Moon in Capricorn and a slightly intimidating Sun/Pluto opposition on the … More Astrology Forecast: Week of July 3 – 9, 2017

What Does Chiron Retrograde Mean?

Our society as a whole seems to have learned just enough about Astrology at this point to fear retrograde periods…which might actually be worse than not being aware of them at all. It’s not super-helpful to think of retrograde periods as being necessarily “bad.” Yes, depending on the specifics of a given retrograde interval, and … More What Does Chiron Retrograde Mean?

Astro-Watch: Mars/Chiron Square

Astro-Happenings: June 2, 2017. Mars square Chiron. “Ouch.” That might be something that you hear more than usual during the Astro-event known as a Mars/Chiron square. You might even have occasion to say it a few times, yourself. Let’s break down why that is… Mars symbolizes the Warrior. It’s our drive to assert ourselves, to … More Astro-Watch: Mars/Chiron Square

RIP Chris Cornell – Hygiea Happenings

    It’s about 95F here in Providence today. My windows are up as I write this, so I keep hearing cars rolling by along the busy street outside, and many of them have various Soundgarden tunes blasting from out of their own open windows. This seems fitting enough, as the band’s frontman and primary … More RIP Chris Cornell – Hygiea Happenings

Saturn/Chiron Square: April 30th

Astrology Update: Just as one tough square fades, another steps up to take its place… You may have felt the effects of the Venus/Saturn square that’s been testing our relationship structures since around the time April Fools’ Day was applying pies to faces all across the land. Thankfully, that square is fading now, and likely … More Saturn/Chiron Square: April 30th

ASTROLOGY: Astro-Bulletin 16 July ’16

Astrologers often match world events to astrological developments. For instance, it lines up pretty well to suggest that the recent spikes in violence and terrorism could be manifestations of the passage of the war-Planet, Mars, through the dark and intense Sign of Scorpio. Also relevant: Mars is now forming a configuration known as a Grand … More ASTROLOGY: Astro-Bulletin 16 July ’16