Happy Chiron Return to Me!!!

So for any of you who might be Astrology-minded, today marks my exact Chiron Return. Unless you manage to live long enough that your age hits the triple-digits, then the Chiron Return is pretty much going to be a once in a lifetime kind of event. Interesting that mine happens on April Fool’s Day, too! … More Happy Chiron Return to Me!!!

Astrology 101: the Major Symbol-Sets (Planets, Signs, and Houses)

If you want to learn Astrology, there are three major symbol-sets that you’ll have to grasp: Planets, Signs, and Houses. This came as a real surprise to me when I first felt my interest in the field catch fire. I’d vaguely assumed that Astrology was just concerned with the Signs of the Zodiac, and that would … More Astrology 101: the Major Symbol-Sets (Planets, Signs, and Houses)

What’s in a Name…?

Previous posts in this space have probably made it clear enough that I spend a fair-sized chunk of my time these days looking at astrological birth charts.  The website I use for generating these has a set of defaults that it uses when cranking out a chart, but as a user, you can also gimmick … More What’s in a Name…?

Lord of the Underworld…

I wrote here last week about how I found myself in this pitched battle against the forces of that condition we call “strep throat”…and I can restate here that it was a pretty unpleasant conflict.  With the help of a round of antibiotics, I’m at nearly 100% now, and the streptococci have been shown to … More Lord of the Underworld…

Wounded healers, Part II: Chiron

So yesterday I held forth a bit on the connection I perceive that links the astrological province of Chiron, the “centaur” (sort of a comet/asteroid hybrid), with the shamanistic procedure called soul retrieval.  Dealing with Chiron-centric issues and going through soul retrieval both involve searching out our deepest, most spiritual wounds, and then attempting to … More Wounded healers, Part II: Chiron

Wounded healers and Jacks of all trades…

Some people seem to be wired for studying one thing — one field of knowledge, one skill, one process, whatever that one thing might be — and coming to understand it intimately, inside and out, backwards and forwards, forest and trees.  Other people gravitate toward the study of many things, perhaps understanding them less well … More Wounded healers and Jacks of all trades…

Up, up, and away…?

I’ve mentioned in this blog several times now how I’ve been studying Astrology intently for the last several months straight (following multiple periods in the past during which I much more casually just sort of dabbled in it)…  It’s been tremendously gripping this time around, and I have to conclude that maybe I finally just … More Up, up, and away…?