On Coining “Sepulchromancy”

Last month, I relocated to Providence, RI. I’m really enjoying my first taste of living in New England as an adult. I was born in Connecticut, which qualifies, but we moved away when I was two years old, and I’ve never lived in NE again…until now. I’ve heard multiple times that the entire state of … More On Coining “Sepulchromancy”

The Death Card: Like a Snake Sheds Its Skin…

The Death card is one of a very small handful that seems to provoke immediate, visible unease for a lot of querents.  And that’s not too surprising: Death comes suddenly, and without warning, often with a lot of attendant suffering, and it steals away people and things whose departures we hadn’t necessarily signed off on … More The Death Card: Like a Snake Sheds Its Skin…

Zodiac Cards

Another Tarot Toolkit homework exercise. We handed out the Golden Dawn correspondences, and encouraged the students to look up the card that’s linked to their Zodiac Sun Sign, and to look for the possible presence of that card’s energies within themselves. I like to consider the other Signs that also play host to a lot … More Zodiac Cards

Astrology in Tarot: Golden Dawn Correspondences

More than a century ago, a group of brilliant occultists came together in the British Isles to generate a body of work that still informs modern metaphysics today. This small secret society called themselves The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (often referred to today as simply, “The Golden Dawn,” or abbreviated as “GD”). Nowhere … More Astrology in Tarot: Golden Dawn Correspondences

5 Reasons to Love the Judgment Card

The Judgment card can certainly indicate positive developments…but it still speaks with such serious overtones that even on its best days, it’s difficult to view it as anything remotely approaching “sunny” or “happy.” The card evokes thoughts of Judgment Day, and that’s not a concept that can ever be taken lightly, not with its legions … More 5 Reasons to Love the Judgment Card

5 Reasons to Love the Death Card

I wrote in an earlier post about the possible upsides of the Tower card, another of the more dour members of the Major Arcana, and both cards do deal with the uncomfortable subjects of change and loss. What makes the Death card an even tougher sell than the Tower, though, is the fact that at … More 5 Reasons to Love the Death Card

Happy Scorpio wishes!

Occult symbolism, once you start to look for it, can seem to pervade the world around you kind of relentlessly, but also with startling accuracy.  For example, right now, as we speak (or…as I write this, anyway…), the Sun above us prepares to move into my own personal Sun Sign of Scorpio…. The Tarot card … More Happy Scorpio wishes!

Psychopomp and Circumstance…

I’ve been invited to attend a very interesting-sounding event this evening: a seance! Other than some only semi-serious games as a youngster that revolved around solemnly intoning our intent to communicate with the dead, but which in truth really didn’t amount to much more than goofing around amid dim lighting and spooky overtones, I can’t … More Psychopomp and Circumstance…

Womb —> Tomb —> …???

What do you suppose comes next in that sequence that I used to title this here post?  We’re born, we grow, we age, we die…and then what?  Does anything come next? I’ve always found it interesting that — as far as I’ve been able to determine — the English language only has a few words … More Womb —> Tomb —> …???