Sympathy for The Devil…?

The Devil. Every Tarot card covers a range of meanings, some “good” and some “bad.” But The Devil is maybe the card that covers the very widest range when surveyed across multiple people. I’ve seen this card light up faces because it seems to promise wicked glee, and I’ve seen it turn other faces the … More Sympathy for The Devil…?

Entering a Card

Are you familiar with the “Entering a Tarot Card” visualization exercise? It’s a meditation in which you sort of project yourself into a card in order to explore it first-hand, including having conversations with any of the figures you might meet there. It’s surprisingly effective! I once had a very illuminating encounter with the distinguished … More Entering a Card

Astrology in Tarot: Golden Dawn Correspondences

More than a century ago, a group of brilliant occultists came together in the British Isles to generate a body of work that still informs modern metaphysics today. This small secret society called themselves The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (often referred to today as simply, “The Golden Dawn,” or abbreviated as “GD”). Nowhere … More Astrology in Tarot: Golden Dawn Correspondences

5 Reasons to Love the Devil Card

The Devil is one powerful character – there’s no getting around that fact. To borrow liberally from The Glimmer Twins, when you draw the Devil card in a reading, you’ll want to have some courtesy, some sympathy, and some taste. You’ll want to use your “well-learned politesse”…or else The Devil will surely lay your soul … More 5 Reasons to Love the Devil Card

Pick a card…

You likely already know this, but I’ll state it explicitly up front here anyway: sometimes when you start digging into one field of study, your efforts there can cross-pollinate your work in another field, even if those fields aren’t otherwise directly related.  Something like this just happened with me yesterday, and I thought I’d share … More Pick a card…