When Should You Use Astrology Vs. Tarot?

By Steven Seinberg I practice a few different metaphysical disciplines. The most well-known among these are Astrology and Tarot. And most of the time when people contact me to book a reading, they know which type of reading they want. Every now and then, though, someone will reach out seeking guidance or insight of some … More When Should You Use Astrology Vs. Tarot?

Tarot Basics Class

Tomorrow evening (that’s Thursday, Oct. 12), I’ll be teaching an introductory level session on Tarot here in the Providence, RI area. This will be a very bird’s eye level view of Tarot as a whole, touching briefly on its history, its modern state of affairs, the essentials you should know when searching for and using … More Tarot Basics Class

What Is Bibliomancy…?

I’ve written in this space before about the divinatory practice known as biobliomancy…but it’s been a while, and I had a related experience today that was on point enough and interesting enough that I decided to log this refresher post. So…as I’ve said before, if you can name a thing – any thing – you … More What Is Bibliomancy…?

Intro to Runes Class: Providence, RI on Jan. 13

RUNES! If you’ll be in the Providence area, I’ll be teaching an Intro to Runes class on the evening of Friday, Jan. 13th (😮) at cool local metaphysical shop Ascension NXT. I’ll cover the basics of what Runes are, where and when they came from, and what you can do with this ancient set of … More Intro to Runes Class: Providence, RI on Jan. 13

On Coining “Sepulchromancy”

Last month, I relocated to Providence, RI. I’m really enjoying my first taste of living in New England as an adult. I was born in Connecticut, which qualifies, but we moved away when I was two years old, and I’ve never lived in NE again…until now. I’ve heard multiple times that the entire state of … More On Coining “Sepulchromancy”

Divination Referencing Divination

If systems of divination – such as Tarot, Runes, or Astrology – can be seen as microcosms of the larger Universe that they peer into, then doesn’t it make sense that these systems themselves must appear somewhere within their own boundaries? That is, if Tarot, for example, does exist in the Universe, and if Tarot is … More Divination Referencing Divination

TAROT TIP: The Magic Circle

Try arranging the Major cards from one of your decks like this, in a big circle. Line them up carefully, and you’ll see that you get 11 opposing pairs. Then study them to see what kinds of thematic links you can spot between each of the cards that form a given axis. For example, The … More TAROT TIP: The Magic Circle

Tarot: The Universe Card Has Something to Say!

Yesterday, I posted about the Shadow Card in a reading – that’s the card left sitting at the bottom of the unused portion of the deck after all the cards have been drawn for the reading itself. The Shadow Card can shed additional light on the reading as a whole. There’s also the Quintessential Card, … More Tarot: The Universe Card Has Something to Say!