Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream..

“Death Posture” by Austin Osman Spare

I’ve been finding myself urging people more and more of late to keep track of their dreams. As I mentioned in a recent post, I believe that our dreams hold messages for us. Whether they originate from parts of our non-conscious minds or from sources that lie entirely outside of our own selves, either way, they don’t flow from out of our egos…and to my way of thinking, this makes them invaluable as wellsprings of information not available to us in our waking hours.

The only issue I’m having here, though, is the fact that I haven’t been practicing what I’ve been preaching. I haven’t really been recording and poring over my own dreams. This will not do…

So I decided that I’m going to start following through here, and leading by example. I commit to working diligently at remembering and recording my dreams, and when I have one of note, I’ll share it in this space, maybe along with any thoughts I have as to what it might mean. I also hereby invite any and all commentary from any of you who might be reading along on your end.

And with all that said…last night’s dream…

Let me start by stating for the record that I spent nine years of my life working as the Chief Financial Officer of a publicly traded biotech company. Being publicly traded in this country (that’s the U.S. of A.) means that your company is subject to the dictates of the Securities & Exchange Commission (the “SEC”).

Cover from a Form 10-Q filed by Apple, Inc. NOTE: I did not work for Apple, Inc.

Part of this state of affairs is the requirement that you issue very detailed documents each and every quarter so as to report your financial results of operations to the public. These reports have to pass through the tireless scrutiny of independent auditors, as well as that of your own corporate officers, directors, attorneys, and accountants. It’s pretty grueling stuff, and unless you possess a certain rare blend of 1) fanaticism for detail, and 2) spiritual masochism, it will wear you the hell out.

Like it did me. Toward the homestretch phases of any filing period, it wasn’t uncommon for me to dream about the reports I was working on, seeing text and columns of numbers swimming before my dream-self’s bleary eyes…

Thankfully, after I got out, those dreams stopped. Mostly. Except for the occasional mysterious throwback – like last night’s dream.

There I was: starting out with a new publicly traded company, high up in the corporate chain of command, but reporting to a definite boss. Do you watch (or read) Game of Thrones? My boss in this dream was Samwell Tarly. No, really.

I think Sam was dressed more or less like this in my dream, even at corporate HQ, although maybe without the bunny accessory…

And here’s the even odder part… In the dream, Sam had given me back a draft of the report that I’d produced for the upcoming quarterly filing, and he’d marked it up by hand with all of his proposed edits to be made before we could file the thing with the SEC. The front cover was especially riddled with fresh, hand-applied ink, and I was baffled at first as to what he might have been so concerned with changing in what I’d entered there myself. After all, the front cover was usually pretty much boiler-plate language that changed very little from one filing to the next, but for a couple of really small factoids (such as the filing date, and the number of shares of company stock outstanding this time around).

I was fascinated to see, then, that what Sam was doing wasn’t so much changing anything I’d drafted – rather, he was adding material on top of what I’d provided. Specifically, he had written in a whole ream of text drawn from a work on magic written by the late 20th Century British occultist, Austin Osman Spare. Essentially, Samwell Tarly was performing a complex sort of magic spell in conjunction with this SEC filing – if the report were to be filed with the text from Spare successfully inserted and left in, the spell would operate. I could tell in the dream that all of this was true, and that the question was never whether the spell might work. The spell absolutely would work – the question was whether any of the many, many parties reviewing the document prior to filing would see the text and insist upon its removal.

And of course one or more of them would see it – some of these people regularly noticed it if an extra space was inserted into a line between words, or caught it when a period was accidentally entered in place of a comma, that sort of thing. These were people who spotted minutiae. It would be no trick at all for them to see an extra page or two of weird, occult language popping up in the report where the standard front cover should be!

Except…in the dream, I then called up the prior quarter’s report, just to look at it – this was the one filed right before I’d begun working there – and Sam Tarly had somehow managed to get it lodged with the SEC and disseminated to the public with that same block of Spare’s occult verbiage sitting right there for all to see. Only I could tell that apparently no one had seen it. Samwell Tarly was beaming weird sorcery right through the filing process, and using the SEC as his unwitting magic wand…and getting away with it! And he was about to do it again, this time with me in the loop…

And that’s when I woke up.

And that was my weird dream last night. I’ve been banging my head against that one all day today. If only my job had actually been that interesting back in my CFO days…

More Animal-Themed Dreaming…

A couple of months ago, I wrote a series of posts about my adventures around sleeping with pieces of Leopardskin Jasper stashed beneath my pillow. Doing this often seemed to inspire dreams of animals for me, which, given the stone’s reputation as carrying a very shamanic type of energy, makes sense.

Last night, as I was drifting off, I thought idly about doing this again, but then decided I was already too far along in the downward spiral that leads to sleep to want to get out of bed. I figured I could try the Leopardskin Jasper another night. But apparently even just thinking about Leopardskin Jasper has some effect, because even with nothing under my pillow, I had an animal-dream anyway.

This time it was a Bull. In the dream, I was looking out the back door of the house that I’m in right now. Not unusual, as I look out there all the time in an ongoing effort to spot wildlife. The back hillside was very different out there in the dream, as the hill was larger, and facing a different direction. And the Bull was sitting at the top of the hill, gazing eastward, with me looking at him in profile. He seemed very calm, there amid all the overgrown flora, and he was jet black in color. I watched his ears and his tail twitch for a few seconds, able to feel the sheer weight and density of the beast even from half a stone’s throw away…and then I woke up.

The Bull as a symbol often signifies concepts such as power, virility, and wealth, all of which I will dutifully accept and embody, sigh, if I must… For more info on Bull-as-symbol, see various bodies of mythology (Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Mesopotamian) and also Taurus, the Zodiac Sign.

I’m telling you people: LEOPARDSKIN JASPER!

Iolite Dreams, Part 2

IMG_4666Yesterday, I posted about a dream I had after I’d stashed three pieces of a stone called Iolite underneath my pillow.  The dream involved me discovering a sort of socket beneath a small metal plate in the back of my skull, and then me cleaning away from the socket a bunch of fairly nauseating goop that had built up in and around the socket over the years.  I took this dream to mean that I had just somehow cleansed my channels of communication with any “higher powers” that were seeking to plug into me and download some helpful info.

Last night, I decided to go for Round 2 with the Iolite.  And I dreamed like crazy!  It was the kind of dreaming that’s extremely busy, involving multiple storylines and a cast of dozens.  At one point, I was riding in a car, and an assassin pulled up alongside on a bicycle, and tried to destroy the car’s engine by reaching over and smashing it, although I managed to drift dreamlike out of the carnage without being hurt.

And then – and this is what I took to actually be the most critical part of the dream – I got a couple of new tattoos designed to help me channel my energy, and then I went to a gym, so as to keep fit for the next surge of intrigue.  I studied the tattoos at this point, and was very dissatisfied with them.  They were meant to just be two bold, straight lines, both of them on my left arm, one on the outside of my forearm, and one on the inside of my upper arm.  In the gym, though, I could see that the tattoo artist had applied them in this shaky, meandering fashion, and they were kind of thin and spindly – not promising at all for performing their intended function.  And this was about where I woke up.

In metaphysical thought, the left side of the body is often viewed as the receptive side.  So I took this as a message telling me that I have to be highly selective now in choosing which sources will be allowed to plug themselves into my now optimized “socket.”  Just because I might have boosted my own receptivity, that doesn’t mean I have to accept every jack that gets poked in my direction (and yeah, I realize how that sounds, but it feels apt…).  Choosing my input wisely now…

An Iolite-Fueled Dream

IMG_4656I’ve posted a bunch of times about how when I sleep with pieces of Leopardskin Jasper under my pillow, it seems to give rise to animal-themed dreams for me, and then cool animal sightings the next day. Animal stuff, by the way, is part of the province that shamans would call the Lower World.

Last night, I went in a different direction: I put these three pieces of Iolite under my pillow before bed. Centuries ago, Viking types used Iolite as a pathfinder stone to help navigate during long sea voyages, as Iolite does interesting and specific things with respect to the polarization of sunlight. This was especially helpful to sailors on overcast days. In modern times, Iolite is believed to join other indigo/violet stones in connecting us up with “higher powers,” or denizens of what the shamans call the Upper World: Deities, the Higher Self, guardian angels, aliens, you name it – the kinds of presences that can be symbolized in Tarot by the Star card.

So here’s what I dreamed of this time… In my dream, I had a small metal plate in the back of my head, just above where spine meets skull. Apparently the plate had been there my entire life, but somebody was only just making me aware of it now. I used a screwdriver to remove the plate, and then saw that there was all this built-up, gross gunk collected all around the socket (which was like a jack or a port) that was lying in wait there beneath that metal plate. I carefully removed all of the gunk, rendering everything super-clean, and then reattached the metal plate, ready for something to soon be inserted into that socket in the near future… Oh, and I was somehow able to see the back of my own head the entire time this was happening.

I kind of wonder if the dream means that I just managed to open myself up to a whole new level of reception with respect to incoming transmissions from the Upper World…

Red Jasper Dream Report

IMG_4415I’m afraid I have to report a bit of an interruption in the Jasper dream-streak this time around: I stashed my three pieces of Red Jasper beneath my pillow when I turned in last night, but sadly, there is no joy in Mudville this morning, dream-wise. I slept hard, and I did dream somewhat, but it was all scattered, and I couldn’t hold on to any of it when I woke up this morning. There were no animal appearances in the dreams, and no bizarre plotlines to share.

Interestingly, if you enjoy Chakra theory, you can consider the fact that Red Jasper is held to connect with the Root Chakra, which is about as far from the dreaming centers as you can get…so maybe Red Jasper isn’t likely to stimulate dreams at all. Who knows – maybe it even negates them.

Anyway… The card I drew the other day to explain what Red Jasper would mean for me: 9 of Nature (= Wands). In this deck, this card has to do with a man gearing up for harvest-time. Maybe Red Jasper is less about dreams blossoming like fruit, and it’s more about going back over the dreams already experienced and “harvesting” them by studying them, and taking meaning from them so as to fuel future growth…?

Mookaite Jasper

IMG_4407These cool-looking stones are Mookaite Jasper.  Here’s the dream I had while sleeping with them under my pillow:

In the dream, I’m part of some elite superheroic strike force.  We’re in a briefing.  For our upcoming mission, we’ll be teaming up with…Wonder Woman!  And here she is, entering the briefing!  She tells me and the guy next to me that she’s looking to line up an ongoing booty call for the duration of the mission.  She gives the guy a sort of impromptu exam right there, and finds him lacking.  My turn.  Poking and prodding ensue.  It’s Wonder Woman; I don’t mind.  No magic lasso is involved at this time.  She determines that while I have room for improvement, my shortcomings are of a more minor nature, and I’ll do for what she has in mind.  Go, dream-me!

Suddenly, time-jump!  We’re in mid-mission.  We’re on a bridge in our vehicle, but a huge traffic jam has everyone at a standstill.  Meanwhile, our enemies have an agent coming down the bridge on foot from behind us, and if he confirms our position to his HQ, they’ll dispatch a missile-strike.  Our pursuer gets close enough that I can now tell that he’s…Alan Rickman!  He hasn’t seen us, so we do this thing of hopping out of our vehicle, making haste to the side of the bridge, clambering down underneath it, and then hanging quietly from the underside, while Alan Rickman passes by above us, totally taken in by our ruse.  He keeps going, on past us, and we climb back up, and make tracks in the opposite direction.  I can still somehow see him, and he realizes that we’ve eluded him, and he jumps up and down in total rage.  We escape.

Tarot card I’d drawn to represent Mookaite Jasper’s meaning for me: Woman of Blood (= Queen of Swords).  A warrior-woman of sorts, combat, aggression.  A Stone Age Wonder Woman…?!

Dragon Jasper

IMG_4399Dragon Jasper under the pillow last night.  Scattered sleep.  Fragmented dreams.

Dream #1: I’m outdoors with other people in a green field near a hillside.  It’s a sporting competition.  A guy on my team is up.  He has to throw something toward the hillside for distance.  The “something” turns out to be a clothes dryer (!!!).  As in, a major appliance.  He hefts it over his head, and he throws it with both hands, and it goes sailing 50 or 60 meters like a frisbee.  No one in the dream is especially surprised that a human can lift and throw a clothes dryer, but we’re all impressed with how extra far this guy is able to chuck it.  He’s really good at this.  I joke that I probably couldn’t even match his toss with a baseball.  Ha ha.

I wake up.  There’s an Owl hooting away steadily in a tree right outside the windows here.  It’s loud and rhythmic.  It’s still going on when I drift off again.

Dream #2: I open the front door here…and there’s a large gray Wolf waiting outside for me.  Not threatening or anything – just calmly waiting for me, because we apparently have some kind of business together.  I start to go outside to get down to whatever that business might be….and that’s the dream.

I wake up again.  It’s morning.  The Owl is sleeping somewhere, but I can hear Crows in the vicinity, making a racket.

Tarot card I drew the other day to capture what Dragon Jasper will mean for me: 3 of Nature (= Wands).  “A woman wears a mask which represents a spirit of nature.  Another reality.”  Dragon Jasper.