What Does Neptune Retrograde Mean…?

Statue of Poseidon, God of the Sea, in Mexico CityYesterday, I posted a video in which I nutshell some of the highlights of the astrological events that are headed our way this week. You can watch that video HERE.

One of those highlights: this Friday (June 16th), Neptune will go retrograde.

But what does that mean, exactly…? People seem to fear the retrograde phenomenon, but it’s hardly a “bad” thing. It means that from our POV here on Terra, a Planet seems to stop and then reverse its trajectory. Of course, we know that Planets don’t actually stop and throw their gearshift mechanisms into reverse like a driver who just barreled past a sweet parking spot — it’s just an optical illusion — but to astrologers, these retrograde intervals still carry real meaning.

And that meaning usually has to do with the Planet in question turning its focus inward rather than outward. That is, when a Planet appears to be moving in this retrograde fashion, then the forces that it symbolizes might tend to manifest less in the external realm of our shared consensus reality, and more in our own inner landscapes.

And you’ve actually weathered many a Neptune retrograde period in your life already, and probably didn’t really even notice. After all, Neptune spends about five months out of every year in this backwards-looking state. Neptune moves slowly through our sky, requiring 165 of our Earth-years to make a single complete circuit around the Sun. To us, it looks like Neptune advances along its orbital track much as the ocean moves up the beach as high tide looms: two steps forward, and then about one and a half steps back…

And when Neptunian energies are turned inward during these phases, we can generally expect that we can plug into our inner worlds even more intensely than we can when Neptune appears to be moving forward in its regular, direct motion. Messages may abound, and come through during meditation, altered states of consciousness, and definitely during dreams.

Here’s a personal example I experienced this weekend (and Neptune hasn’t even gone retrograde yet…but we may be feeling the effects already, as the Planet of the Sea-God does look to us like it’s slowing down even now in preparation for this big retrograde event)…

So two nights ago, I had a dream in which I stood inside a lofty aerial apartment with a sensational view through walls made of glass. As I admired the sweeping vista, two birds flew from out of the middle of the panorama and bashed right into the clear pane before me, and then just kind of stuck there like Spider-Man, shaking off the collision…

The next afternoon, back in the waking world, I sat in my girlfriend’s living room…and a Dove flew into the sliding glass door that opens onto the back patio there (thankfully, as in my dream, the bird was a bit dazed, but basically unhurt).

Then that evening, we were watching an old episode of “The Office” (US version), and in this particular episode…a bird flies into the outer glass wall of the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton building!

So I’m working on my own interpretation of what it might mean when a bird flies into a pane of clear glass…but the main point here is that I believe the concept was definitely being flagged for me. It’s an important message, as I see it, and if I can decode it properly, it will likely hold some real wisdom for me.

And this is the kind of thing that we may all be experiencing as Neptune appears to halt in its course, and then reverse direction. We’ll have until November 22nd — when Neptune resumes the more standard direct motion — to practice our message-deciphering skills. You might consider starting up a dream journal during this Neptune retrograde period, and listening to what the Other Realms and other planes of consciousness have to say…

Dream with the Fishes…

I’ve made it a sort of on-again, off-again practice to post about some of my weird dreams in my social media outlets whenever those dreams feel like they might have some connection to metaphysical topics…or even just a more vague but definite overall metaphysical vibe about them (you know…more so than dreams already have).

And I’ve decided that in the spirit of this being a “new year” and all, I’ll not only revive the practice, but hereby pledge to write up as many of my odd dreams as I can in 2017. Sometimes doing this helps me to pull the messages from out of them, and sometimes, I can get behind the idea that maybe the messages aren’t even meant for me – maybe I’m just the delivery system, and the messages are meant for somebody else out there. Like maybe you, for example, reading this right now…

My piece of Shattuckite…

Before I detail my weird dream for you, it may be important to note that I sometimes like to try to affect my dream-experiences by putting a crystal under my pillow. The variety of crystal is subject to change depending on my prevailing mood and any cues I feel I’ve been getting from the Universe. Last night, I used a piece of Shattuckite that I got just a couple of weeks ago. This stone is believed to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra, thereby greatly enhancing any perceptive abilities, both sensory and extra-. People inclined to this type of thinking might say that Shattuckite can beef up your psychic input.

Your mileage may vary, but I can say that almost every time I’ve slept with this particular piece of Shattuckite under my pillow in the last two weeks or so, my dreaming has increased in both quantity (i.e., I’m dreaming more than I was in the last few weeks prior to my Shattuckite purchase) and quality (my dreams have been more vivid and more agreeable about allowing me to remember them the next morning).

Anyway, here’s what my dream-self got up to last night:

I was standing outside somewhere, possibly behind the house that I live in now, although in the dream, the weather was warm and balmy, not all frosty, and choked with half a foot of snow as it actually is as I type away at this post. There were a few other people with me, although they didn’t seem to have exact identities – no names, no faces, and they weren’t people that I know in my waking world.

As we milled about, enjoying the sunshine and the warmth, there were these large fish drifting around near us through the air. In the dream, this was completely natural.

What was not natural – even in this dream-scenario – was what happened next…

A Barracuda (clearly not the kind with wings and fur that floats in the air and comes when you call it)…

The fish all looked a lot like the real-world creature that we call the Barracuda. They were long and substantial, and built for speed. In the dream, though, this air-version had wings that were blurred to near-invisibility like a Hummingbird’s, they had tufts of fur, and they were mostly colored a deep, rich, striking shade of blue that doesn’t happen too often in nature out here in consensus reality.

And for some reason, I got it into my head to try to call one of the fish over to me, even though I knew in the dream that these were untamed creatures, about as likely to come when summoned by humans as a Squirrel or a Deer or a Robin would be in the flesh-world.

But here’s the weird part: the fish I was addressing floated over to me when I called it. It hovered before me, and it let me reach out and begin scratching it gently with my fingertips beneath its “chin.”

I was astounded by this, there in the dream-space, and so were my vague dream-friends, who began expressing their own various versions of astonishment while they watched me pet this floating fish.

I continued to commune with the air-fish for a while, until the dream sort of ushered me back out of it, and I woke up, still feeling the firm pressure and mass of the fish against my fingers…

And so there you have it: this morning’s edition of “Crystal-Spawned Dreaming.” Maybe some of it means something to you: the Barracuda, a flying/floating fish, a wild creature choosing to relate to a human, the Shattuckite… If so, I hope the message is a helpful one!

More weird dreams to follow as they happen… And I heartily recommend the crystal-under-the-pillow trick to any and all of you! Give it a try and see what dreams may come…

Dreams…and Dreams in Tarot

I’m back in the saddle here after a week away on the opposite coast.  It was a truly great trip, but now that it’s done, I’m returning to our regularly scheduled posting and updating.  A dream I had in the early morning hours today seemed like a great starting point for launching that return…


How do you see them? Are they just bizarre bursts of randomness welling up from out of your subconscious mind while you sleep, no more meaningful than the psychic equivalent of belches? Some people do see them that way.

Me, I take them as messages. Maybe they come from inside our own minds, or maybe they even hail from external sources, but either way, they don’t have their origins in the ego, which makes me see a lot of value in them. In our waking hours, we’re trapped with our egos all the time, and what the ego wants isn’t always lined up well with what we – in a holistic sense – actually need. So, yeah: dreams.

Tarot can speak to our dream-lives. I see The Moon as being the primary indicator of dream-experience, but other cards can point in this direction, too. The High Priestess sits in the gray borderlands between the waking world and the land of dreams, and the watery Suit of Cups holds our dream-stuff, as well (I look especially at the Queen and the Ace here).

Last night, I dreamed that I was walking in some wetlands with someone, and I found an Eagle feather. Only it was big enough that I could have used it to paddle a canoe! Wish I’d seen the Eagle that had dropped it…

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The Jasper Round-Up

IMG_4443Jasper!!! Here’s a bowlful of all the different varieties of Jasper that I put under my pillow during the past week or so in an ongoing experiment to see which ones might stimulate dreams, and if so, what the specifics might turn out to be.

Leopardskin Jasper, Leopardite, and Dragon Jasper brought on dreams about animals. Cobra Jasper inspired a dream about trees. Mookaite Jasper spawned a sort of superhero/action-adventure dream. Red Jasper and Yellow Jasper didn’t seem to spark any dreaming at all. Your mileage may – and probably will – vary.

And note: the gray and black piece toward the left-hand side of the bowl was sold to me as “Dragon Jasper.”  A fan of Jasper over on Instagram told me, though, that this piece is much more likely of the variety known as Picasso Jasper.  When I punched the phrase “Dragon Jasper” into my search engine, I received a bunch of hits for something called Dragon Blood Jasper that looked nothing like this — that variety seems to be all red and green.  And then when I looked up Picasso Jasper, I found a very wide diversity of stones that all apparently do fairly represent that category, but some of them, at least, did look a lot like this gray and black piece here, so…my IG friend is probably correct!  Dragon Jasper strikes me as a much cooler name than Picasso Jasper, though…

Yellow Jasper Dream Report

IMG_4432Here endeth this jubilant jaunt through Jasper journaling (for now…). As with the Red Jasper, I wish I had something interesting to report, but the Yellow Jasper was also so low-key that it didn’t really register. I woke up feeling well-rested, but I couldn’t remember any dreaming that I did during the night.

Maybe these lower-Chakra colors aren’t the greatest stimulants for dreaming in general?

The card I drew the other day to detail what Yellow Jasper will mean for me: Creative Power (this deck’s analogue for Strength). This one is about humanity’s ability to exert power by creating life (which can probably be taken literally or also figuratively). So if Red Jasper helps with processing the results of work already done, maybe Yellow Jasper provides fuel for work yet to be performed…?

Red Jasper Dream Report

IMG_4415I’m afraid I have to report a bit of an interruption in the Jasper dream-streak this time around: I stashed my three pieces of Red Jasper beneath my pillow when I turned in last night, but sadly, there is no joy in Mudville this morning, dream-wise. I slept hard, and I did dream somewhat, but it was all scattered, and I couldn’t hold on to any of it when I woke up this morning. There were no animal appearances in the dreams, and no bizarre plotlines to share.

Interestingly, if you enjoy Chakra theory, you can consider the fact that Red Jasper is held to connect with the Root Chakra, which is about as far from the dreaming centers as you can get…so maybe Red Jasper isn’t likely to stimulate dreams at all. Who knows – maybe it even negates them.

Anyway… The card I drew the other day to explain what Red Jasper would mean for me: 9 of Nature (= Wands). In this deck, this card has to do with a man gearing up for harvest-time. Maybe Red Jasper is less about dreams blossoming like fruit, and it’s more about going back over the dreams already experienced and “harvesting” them by studying them, and taking meaning from them so as to fuel future growth…?

Dragon Jasper

IMG_4399Dragon Jasper under the pillow last night.  Scattered sleep.  Fragmented dreams.

Dream #1: I’m outdoors with other people in a green field near a hillside.  It’s a sporting competition.  A guy on my team is up.  He has to throw something toward the hillside for distance.  The “something” turns out to be a clothes dryer (!!!).  As in, a major appliance.  He hefts it over his head, and he throws it with both hands, and it goes sailing 50 or 60 meters like a frisbee.  No one in the dream is especially surprised that a human can lift and throw a clothes dryer, but we’re all impressed with how extra far this guy is able to chuck it.  He’s really good at this.  I joke that I probably couldn’t even match his toss with a baseball.  Ha ha.

I wake up.  There’s an Owl hooting away steadily in a tree right outside the windows here.  It’s loud and rhythmic.  It’s still going on when I drift off again.

Dream #2: I open the front door here…and there’s a large gray Wolf waiting outside for me.  Not threatening or anything – just calmly waiting for me, because we apparently have some kind of business together.  I start to go outside to get down to whatever that business might be….and that’s the dream.

I wake up again.  It’s morning.  The Owl is sleeping somewhere, but I can hear Crows in the vicinity, making a racket.

Tarot card I drew the other day to capture what Dragon Jasper will mean for me: 3 of Nature (= Wands).  “A woman wears a mask which represents a spirit of nature.  Another reality.”  Dragon Jasper.