“I release you.”

Stress is bad for us. I can’t imagine this will be anyone’s first time encountering this notion.  We all know this — it’s hardly a closely-guarded secret, locked away in some clandestine power bloc’s deepest, most blast-proof vault somewhere impregnable and subterranean.  Stress is bad for us…  We’re probably even almost unanimously agreed on this one…and we … More “I release you.”

Morning pages…

Quite a few years ago now, I was put on notice about this book you may have heard of: The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.  It’s a self-help book designed to enable people with creative impulses to get in touch with their inner artistic selves and become more artistically productive.  Ms. Cameron comes at the … More Morning pages…

Emanate with me…

I’m kind of fascinated with this doctrine called Emanationism.  To emanate means to flow forth out of something, and the idea behind this doctrine is that there’s a sort of Universal Absolute — let’s call it “the Godhead” — and the rest of Creation flows forth from out of it.  There’s this timeless, spaceless state … More Emanate with me…

“Follow Your Bliss”

Yesterday’s post was about one of two bits of advice that I find myself regularly dispensing whenever I do readings (Tarot and Runes, mainly) for people.  That first one consisted of the phrase that author Pema Chodron used as the title for one of her books: “Start Where You Are.”  I won’t rehash any of … More “Follow Your Bliss”

“Let’s take a look at the five-day forecast…”

If you spare a glance out your window, you’ll see a lot of things.  Exactly what those things will be will depend a lot on where you are at the time, and how much light and visibility you have helping you along, but some possibilities might include, people, buildings, birds, dogs, cats, other wildlife, trees, … More “Let’s take a look at the five-day forecast…”

“Things fall apart…”

I’m willing to give pretty good odds that almost anyone reading this has by now come across either the actual poem from which I took the words that make up the title of this post, or has at least seen parts of it quoted elsewhere.  It’s a terrifically well-known — and simply terrific — poem … More “Things fall apart…”

Womb —> Tomb —> …???

What do you suppose comes next in that sequence that I used to title this here post?  We’re born, we grow, we age, we die…and then what?  Does anything come next? I’ve always found it interesting that — as far as I’ve been able to determine — the English language only has a few words … More Womb —> Tomb —> …???