Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Fool

Modern metaphysics seems to have embraced the associations of the Air Element and the Planet Uranus when considering The Fool. On the one hand, assigning correspondences like these can be really helpful, as they can serve as memory aids, and they can also add new shadings and layers of meaning to your own inner definitions … More Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Fool

12 Astrological Houses Spread

In honor of the Full Moon last night, I busted out a big spread based on the 12 astrological Houses.  I’ll be doping out the meaning of this reading for days to come! Interesting note: the numbered Minors (not counting the Aces) make up just under half of the deck.  So statistically speaking, in a … More 12 Astrological Houses Spread

Hierophant as Shaman…

My strongest aversion to any Tarot card has always come pouring out in response to The Hierophant. See, I never connected to any of the various religious leaders I met while growing up, and I had zero interest in someone like that telling me what I should be doing with my life. Years later, I … More Hierophant as Shaman…

New Deck Reading/Meditation – The Tarot of the Origins

Getting a new deck is always exciting.  I don’t give in to the urge-to-buy at the drop of a hat anymore – not like I once did! – but whenever I can feel the pull of a deck that I know will have some real impact on me, I’ll still expand my collection with it. … More New Deck Reading/Meditation – The Tarot of the Origins